Welcome Alumni!
It's been a long time...
Welcome, welcome, welcome! It is GREAT to "see" you!

The Birth of a Web Site
 This web site is our "Virtual Reunion" for the graduating classes of 1966 through 1971.....we were the
"pioneers" of Boca High back when it was young...and we were a little younger, too!
 It all started when a few of us were bemoaning the fact that there hadn't been a 30 Year Reunion for
the Class of '68, and, though some of us had been in touch since graduation or since the 20th Reunion
for the Class of '68, our numbers were few. We began searching for each other, and before we knew
it we had a "directory" of classmates that grew and grew! It has been wonderful to get in touch with,
and get caught up with, our old friends via e-mail, phone, and letters and even some face-to-face visits.
(Yikes- isn't that scary!?!) Then we started hearing from people in other classes....then someone said,
"Hey! Wouldn't it be neat if we had our own website?"
Gary Garvin, Steve Beard, and Kathy Chenoweth started actively searching for classmates to add to
the directory, and Gary and Kathy started on the web site---
and here we are!

What's Up at the "BRHS Virtual Reunion"?
 Come on in and look around- you'll find lots of old friends gathered here, and you can make NEW
friends here, too! You'll see what your pals have been up to, find ways of contacting others, a place to
share information about times you've gotten together with old classmates, or are planning a
get-together! You can share photos, new and old!

We Hear You Asking, "How Can I Help?"!
Help us find more of our buddies.....
 If you are in contact with any classmates who are not here at this "Virtual Reunion", or have leads on
where we might find someone, please let us know and we'll get on the trail immediately. There are so
many classmates we would like to find! We have found people by writing and calling their parents,
brothers and sisters, ex-husbands and ex-wives, friends, colleges; we'll even follow tracks in the
snow....if we have the leads, we follow up! Even if they are not "on line"--- we'll put a mailing address
or phone number in so you can contact them! We want to find teachers, too.

The Memorial Pages
 We need more information on classmates who, sadly, have passed away. We would like to hear from
their friends and family members. They may be gone from this world, but they are in our hearts, and
this is a way we can celebrate their lives and share some memories.

Our Mission
 We just don't want to lose each other again! We want to connect the past and the present....and keep
sharing good times with the folks who knew us "when"!
 And, just maybe, someday, we can organize a REAL REUNION for the members of this "Virtual
Reunion"......wouldn't that be FUN? Hey-we're talkin' face-to-face!!! It could happen.
And remember, we may be 350 years old in DOG YEARS, but we don't care!

 This web site is a continual work in progress, and there will be changes and additions all the time. We
welcome your input and suggestions about the site.