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From: Bob Franklin
Sent: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:20:58 -1000
To: tennkathy@visto.com

Subject: FW: Virtual Reunion

As an addendum since my last message, I have spent the last 4 hours pouring over your site.... I am
lost in memories.

With regard to the ones that have passed, I said I didn't know any of them well, although I knew who
most of them were... actually I did know one guy more than just a little bit:

Dan Kilpatrick.

He and I and a couple of other guys spent most of the Summer of '65 cruising the Gold Coast and
Federal Drive-ins on Weekend nights looking for fun and maybe a little trouble... we never found much
trouble but had a lot of fun.

Dan was a quiet guy, and like most of the people I remember from those days, a real honest,
straightforward type. We were really young and not much was
happening in our personalities outside of testosterone, but I counted him as one of my friends.
Looking at his picture, makes it feel like yesterday.

I also remember when Phil Dodge died... a long time ago, but since I was seriously into sailboats at the
time, it seemed like I knew him better than I did.

Paul Moore was a guy that I knew from class... Band... (what a joke that was). I sit here staring at his
picture and time seems to vanish.... I can almost hear the conversations we had verbatum.

The people's faces in the yearbooks: I had huge crushes on more than a few of the women, and until
now, I haven't really had them in my mind, but the store of memories that I conjure as I look at their
oh-so-young images, brings back emotions I never thought I would ever have again..

...guys I surfed with at the beach, enemies I had fights with, church group, the neighborhood kids,
University of Fla. friends and afterwards, I'm sorry now I didn't get closer to any of them.

Also thanks for reminding me of the great relationships I had during the Summers after I went off to
Gainesville. I never had photos of the women in my younger life until now.

Lucky me, with split sessions at BRHS in '65-'66, my Dad would drop me off after school, (12:45
PM) at 40th Street (no bridge) and I'd paddle across the ICW and walk through the woods to "three
trees" and surf 'til dark every day. He died in Delray a few weeks ago, so I'll be back in June for the
memorial, now with better memories than would have been possible without your site.

Again, thanks for the work ya'll have done on it... I am completely blown away, so please pardon my
nostalgic indulgence with this e-mail.

Bob Franklin
Class of 1966
Makawao, Maui, Hawaii
Thank you Bob! It's letters such as this that make the effort with our site
We're glad you enjoyed the "blast from the past!"
From: Robert Greene
Sent: Wed, 09 May 2001 02:38:27
To: garvoon@aol.com
Subject: Class of 1968

I just now realized how much life has changed after looking at all the pictures, especially those who are
no longer here. Sometimes we forget where we came from and don't know where we are in life, or
where we are headed.

Thanks for the memories!

Robert (Kenny) Greene
Class of 1968
From: Colleen Oates
Sent: May 2001
To: garvoon@aol.com
Subject: The Wall

I just saw the Virtual Wall listed on the site and I wanted to thank you for adding it for us. I dated a
guy who was killed just a short time after he was sent over there. He was a helicopter pilot sent in to
rescue the wounded. I looked him up and found all the details of his death. I always wondered where
and when he was killed and now, because of you, I know. He was from Potomac, MD. It really
brought tears to my eyes, but at least now I know for sure what happened to him.

Thanks so much,

Colleen Oates
Class of 1968
Fairfield, FL
From: Ray Deckard
Sent: September 3, 2001
To: Garvoon@aol.com
Subject: Boca High Alumni

It has been heart warming and nostalgic lurking and exploring the alumni site and it's links. Seeing faces
and places that I thought that I would never see again... I hope, now that I have come out of the
lurking shadows, that I can recover some of the friends that I have lost to time and circumstances.
Some have been lost forever like Carlos, Bruce, Bill, Dan, Dennis, and Dave most of all, and all the
others who have passed. But even so Maybe you can go home again. I hope so.

It's good to see you all again,

Ray Deckard
Class of 1968
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
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