The Class of 1968
40th Reunion
Before we even begin, none of the following would have been possible withouth the efforts of Sue
, Kathy Chenoweth Huber and Joi Leapline. They underwent a lot of stress, strain and just
plain hard work to pull our reunion together. AND, if it weren't for
Ken Higgins and his lovely wife
Diane, I wouldn't have these 247 photos to sort through ... all of superior quality!

In fact, there are so many good photos, the following reunion images will be constructed in phases ...
starting with the first night's cocktail party. So, please keep checking back to see what's been added.

Sincere thanks go to Sue, Kathy, Joi and Ken. Sincere thanks also goes to everyone who made the trek
to attend the reunion ... especially in this day and age when you almost need a co-signer to buy a tank
of gasoline. It was certainly great seeing everyone again, and the next reunion, I hope, comes a lot
The Cocktail Party
Friday, July 26th, 2008
Starting with couples ... some married, and some just good friends! On this evening, alumni from classes prior
to, and after the Class of 1968, were invited.
That was an extra bonus!
Bill and Roz Norris
Bob Rice and Kristine
Dave and Anita Ingham
Gary and Fran Garvin
Wayne and Debra Scott
Rick and Terry Tolman
Harry and Loren Seaman
Ken and Diane Higgins
Jerry and Cheryl Villars (1967)
Bill and Caroline Tobler (1966)
Tish Carlo and Jim Neering
Jim Davidson and Becky Jennings
Toni Simms (1969) and Ken Hifggins
Rusty Jennings (1967)  and Georgene Noble
Tommy and Carol Hudson
Wayne Scott and Jean Kolinski
Group shots and more coming up! There were a lot of people ...
these are just the very tip of the iceberg!

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