Sue's Photos...
The first gathering on the deck. Please note ... I'm at the left of
the image with a camera, shooting
Sue (Dueling Cameras). On
page 5, my image of her and the rest, from a different
perspective (exactly at the same time). Oh yes,
it looks like I
must have beaten Sue to the draw!
Cory's Photos!
Click here!
Colleen and Kathy
saying "Hi!"
Donna and Doug
(Class of 1980)
They fed us some of the
best BBQ I've had in
quite a while. That and
Texas Pete's hot sauce ...
mmmm good!
Bob Rice doing the Bobcat Shuffle.
Joiful the Clown messing with the
birthday kids ...
Cory and Doug.
Sunset at the Beech!
Sunrise at the Beech with Steve and myself!
Kathy, Steve and Leslie at the
entrance of the
Genesis Sanctuary.
Leslie and myself at the
Leslie had the honors of cutting the
Bobcat brownie-cake-thingy that Kathy
so graciously brought along!
From Cory's collection!
George Cochran, Kathy, myself and Sue who's playing
magic spoons!
Sue and Joi as our percussion
Kathy can sing bluegrass like
nobody's business... she's gooood!
The Gorton's Fisherman
(named so because of the
"weathered" face)
getting his
backside warmed up, more than
he wanted, from the fireplace.
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