Saturday morning's view!
More Saturday to come ... the party!
Cory's Photos!
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Steve Beard and
Mike Harris
Joi Pack, Kathy Chenoweth Huber and
Sue Hodges
enjoying the morning sun
Mike Harris, Donna Harris, Joi and Kathy
with a spectacular view behind them
Kathy going over the instructions for
her new
Kodak digital camera ... kind
of like programming a VCR!
Our little walk through the town at the bottom of a VERY steep hill,
after eating lunch and visiting
Fred's General Store ... if Fred
doesn't have it, you don't need it!
Here we are visiting Leslie Hayhurst's
sanctuary. Leslie enjoys, and takes
great pride, in her work of rescuing injured
She is to be commended for that!
Leslie is seen here
showing us one of her
Note the
leather glove she's
Class of 1968
Back row - Bob Rice, Steve Beard and Gary Garvin;
Middle row - Leslie Hayhurst, Kathy Chenoweth Huber
and Susan Hodges;
Front row - Colleen Oates King and Joi Pack
Kathy and Steve wondering
when that pork BBQ was going
to be ready!
Kathy had this large, wonderful Bobcat
brownie made up for us ... note the artwork in
the oval!
Well done, Kathy!
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