Kathy Chenoweth Huber, Joi "Joiful" Pack (known to some as Joan Leapline), and
Colleen Oates King sitting on the "Dock.of the Bay (lake)"
What a VIEW!
One of our humble abodes... steep!
Front to back:
Janet Eubanks,
Joi Pack and
Colleen Oates
Steve Beard and Joi Pack
Kathie Halko Cochran (my gracious host for
a few days prior to the event)
greets Bob and
Ellen Rice upon arrival
Bob Rice and Colleen Oates King
Miss Moneypenny, Sue Hodges,
makes her entrance!
Steve Beard scopes
out firewood...
it got
cold up there!
Joi Pack showing the "kid" BRHS alums what real high
school was all about. To the right of her,
Kathie Halko
, Brian Stricklin and Cory Smith Clough.
... again, the VIEW!
Kathy and I FINALLY meet in person!
Here's trouble! Colleen Oates King, Kathy Chenoweth
, Janet Eubanks and myself!
Joi Pack... a REAL clown! Joi
gave a masterful performance
wishing happy birthdays to
BRHS alums
Cory Smith
and Doug Harris.
Steve Beard chewing the fat with Bob
and Kathy Chenoweth Huber
More to come:
Saturday: Coming up with pictures at Leslie Hayhurst's Genesis Sanctuary, mini Woodstock, pictures
Cory Smith Clough's (Class of 1980) collection, and other's submissions as they filter in. In the
meantime, check out
Cory's page at www.geocities.com/coryclough for more photos.
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