More SALT SPRINGS - November, 2000
...and from the collection of Steve Beard!
"...Tenting tonight, tenting tonight, tenting on the old campground!"
...and then came night!
Cindy Frambach (68) reports back from a Birthday Party given by Mike Enders (67) (let's
see if I get this right.....) for
Jeff Sullivan (67) in Boca. Cindy went with Caroline Tylander
(68) and mingled with the Birthday Boy, plus
Mike Welch (67), Brenda Whisman (68)!  
Cindy says it was just great to see these folks- hoping for some PICTURES!!!!!
6/9/01 - Kathy Chenoweth Huber and Cindy Frambach Minton (both '68) got the chance
to spend a wonderful afternoon together in Highlands NC. Cindy was in the mtns. on
vacation, and Kathy lives in the Smokies of TN. What a fun time! Cindy's Mom was also
there- SHE used to drive the school bus (anyone remember that #?) for years- many of us
remember her fondly. She is doing real well! Kathy & Cindy REALLY enjoyed the time
together- getting a little caught up after not seeing each other since the 20th Reunion in 1988.
Pictures of the get-together will be on this site shortly. Happy to report that our Miss Boca
High, 1968, is certainly the beautiful and incredibly charming person now that she always
was! Kathy, of course, is still Kathy. Oh well. Anyway- anyone travelling in the mtns. of NC,
North GA, or Kathy to "do lunch"!

Here's who I remember riding that bus: Jeff Sweet, Ken & Keith Higgins, Yvonne Shoaf, Billy
Merkel, Bobby Rice, Doug Caylor, Raymond Decker, Valerie Botelho, Marja Mars and sisters,
Ricky King--- Hey, anyone remember Bob Gifford who moved away maybe in 10th grade?,
Steve Beard,  probably Karen Coyle and Georgene Noble and Janet Boldizar, since they lived
not too far away, Lee Stevens (who brought a tarantula on the bus once!)....who else?
Anyone remember? How about Kay and Cheri Amos? Were they on it? Ah memory lane!
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