Anyone getting together?
Joi Leapline Pack & Kathy Chenoweth Huber got together Sunday 7/16 in Hendersonville NC,
where Joi has lived for 25 years.  We really had a great time- Joi fixed a delicious lunch, and we
talked and talked and laughed and looked at pictures and reminisced... she can remember things that
I have forgotten, and I remember things that SHE has forgotten, so together we covered a lot of
It was absolutely wonderful to see her again- we have a lot in common- even more now than we did
back in High School! We have made plans to get together again, this time in MY stompin' grounds,
which is near Knoxville TN. Her daughter, Spring, took some pix of us, so I'll have them developed
and post them on this site soon! Joi is as you may remember her; outgoing, fun, spirited and full of
the joy of living---- a pleasure to be with! She even sang the song for me that she performed in our
production of "Flower Drum Song" which she played an.....(ahem) ... EXOTIC DANCER!!!!
She stopped the show!
This time she did her famous routine in her kitchen, so it was not quite the

Kathy Chenoweth Huber
Class of 1971's 20th Reunion
A mini reunion took place in 1989 with some of the 1968 alumni. They are,
from left to right,
Kathy Chenoweth Huber, Tom Evans, Jeff Sweet and
Forest Smith. They're matched up with their senior class pictures.
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Kathy Chenoweth Huber recently (Feb 2002) had a nice long phone chat with Mrs. Jean Higgins,
Mom of Ken and Keith Higgins.....will be getting together with her and Cindy Frambach soon! MANY
Bobcat-related people living in the Smokies. It's the place to be! Mrs. H taught 1st grade at JC
Mitchell for years- probably a familiar face to many of us! Cindy and Mrs. H had lunch recently and
Keith will send us pictures.
Colleen Oates hosted a little "Bobkitty" get-together on Sunday 8/4/02, during her vacation in the
mountains of N.C. Attending the day-long Yak-Fest were Cindy Frambach and her Mom (who drove
Schoolbus #1), Joi Leapline, Kathy Chenoweth, Janet Eubanks and assorted husbands, grandchildren,
and significant others. Watch for pictures soon. It was a wonderful day! Can't wait for the next one!
Ken Higgins was visiting his Mom, Jean, in Warne NC, and Kathy Chenoweth and Cindy Frambach
scrounged a lunch invitation! Hah! We haven't lost our touch. See pix of this reunion, and the next
one, by
clicking here! Ken's Mom taught 1st Grade at JC Mitchell, and she is just the most delightful
Recent or up-coming:
And a little longer ago.....
Paul Matwiy & Kathy Chenoweth got together in California on 5/17/03. Hadn't seen each other since
graduation in 1968!!! It was wonderful, just wonderful to see Paul again.
Click here to see a pic
Cherokee, NC, July 2005- Steve & Sheri Beard, Colleen Oates Dawe, Kathy Chenoweth Huber,
Cindy Frambach, Joi Leapline....
pix in the photo album ASAP
Boca Raton, July 2005 - Kathy Chenoweth Huber, Debbi Sheller, Patti Eggleton, Linda Prowe
Jackson, Bob Rice, Dennis and Jack Maradie, John Alley, Skip Sheffield
got together, and up in
Melbourne Beach-,
Kathy Chenoweth & Ken Higgins, and in Port Orange, Kathy Chenoweth and
Sheri Priest & Mrs. Randon
! Pix in the photo album any minute.
Cross Creek FL, July 2005 - Big Fun in Central Fla over 4th of July Weekend- at the historic Yearling
Restaurant in Cross Creek (real Old Time Florida atmosphere - we're talking Cooter and Gator tails here,
folks!) we had
Don & Dave Laury (class of 71), Kathy Chenoweth, Colleen Oates, Jeannie
Kolinski, Sue Hodges, Karen Ruff, Phyllis Harrell
(all 68) and Janet Eubanks (69) for a Romp in
the Swamp. Yes yes, assorted husbands and buddies, too. (Honorary Bobcats, now that they've had an
evening of undiluted
BOBCAT immersion therapy) See the pix