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I Remember Boca in Chicago!

They say that the difference between a fairy tale and a sea
story goes something like this: "Once upon a time" as
opposed to "This aint no sh*t!"

Once upon a time, back during the summer of 1970, I was stationed at Great
Lakes Naval Training Center near Chicago, IL, and at the time, I was attending
Hospital Corps School. Upon arriving there, I had been promoted to Hospitalman

Midway through the summer, our Corps School company was invited to attend
the premeire of the movie
Catch-22 to be shown in Chicago at a really nice
theater. A school bus was chartered to carry us as well as a company of raw
recruits that were going through training at the Navy Recruit Training Center
across the base from us. We pulled up to a company of recruits who were
standing in a very disciplined formation. We stopped, and in a very neat and
orderly fashion, they boarded the bus.

Shortly thereafter, after we had arrived at the theater and watched the first half
of the movie. Everyone retired to the lobby to munch out during the
intermission. While standing and gabbing with my chums, all of a sudden and
out of the clear blue, a person walked up to me and said "Gary? Gary Garvin?" I
looked at the sailor, a Seaman Recruit (E-1) and sporting the familiar boot
haircut (no hair), I  immediately recognized him. "Martin? Martin Tischler?" The
Boca Raton High School's senior class president, for the class of 1968, Martin
Tischler, was standing right there before me. Of course, me being from the
class of 1968, this had great significance.

What's this... I, the class underling, now a mighty and know-it-all E-3 standing
here and talking to a green, recruit, my former class president... what a turn of

Actually, Martin and I chuckled over that "turn of events", but both of us, being
far away from home, were a sight for each other's sore eyes. We gabbed and
gabbed as long as we could, maybe something like ten minutes, and then Martin
had to rejoin his company and go back into the theater to their section. I went
with my friends back to our section. The recruits were isolated from us for the
rest of the evening. That was the last time I saw Martin.

Martin... if you ever find our site and you read this... man, that was great.
What were the odds of something like that happening? I hope you did well while
in the Navy and I hope you've prospered since. And if you do find our site,
please... pretty please... get in touch...

A true story.
Gary Garvin
Class of 1968
Martin Tischler
Class of 1968
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I Remember Boca!