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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Easy Rider
October 2002
Ed Clark, (68) rode in a 3-day rally in Parker,
AZ, sponsered by the Local Sheriff  and the Blue
Knights, a law enforcment motorcycle club.
Chris Smith
Class of 1969
This photo of Chris, and his lovely wife Michelle,
was taken in the year 2001. He currently resides
in South Carolina, however, Chris has his sites set
on Palm Coast, FL.
Another Win!
Ronnie Cook, class of 1968, wins the last race of
the season. He was driving someone else's car ... his
is still "under repair!"
... And it wouldn't be complete without showing
you a current picture of George's kids!
The Architect
Above: Jim Perkins (69), right with "ace" and
Chuck Yeager! Below: Jim's beloved
"Wingspan" estate.
Mini Reunion
Left to right: Ann Hoover Radick (70), George
(70) and Ann's husband Skip. Skip taught
at Boca High from 1980-84. They got together in
Wellington, FL, January 2003.
Rick Shaw
Who can remember the "Rick Shaw Show,"
and of course the gentleman that the show was
named after ...
Rick Shaw, then of WQAM
and Channel 10 in Miami? Well, after a
recent conversation with DJ Tom Stevens
('71), I'd found out that Rick is still
broadcasting at a classic rock station in Miami.
here to read his bio!

Rick, my friend, you entertained us greatly
with your "boss jock" talents!
Dad and Lad Gone Fishing!
Keith Higgins (class of 1969) and his 13-year-old son
take a break from the winter in New England. Spending
time golfing and fishing, here they proudly display the
catch of the day during a recent fishing excursion out of
the Hillsborough Inlet. We're looking at kingfish, wahoo
and a dolphin! Keith was a microtad surprised at how
much Boca has changed since yesteryear!
And yes, Keith, I envy you ... we've had our fair share
of winter here in Maryland this winter, too!
Bring on
Two Minutes in the Box!
Well, I'm still at it, and recently, just finished up
with the Maryland Senior Olympics. Occasionally,
I like to take a breather in the penalty box so I can
think up some neat ideas for the web site!
A Lady and Her Horse
Above: Rebecca "Beki" Smith (71), and her
quarter horse, Casey. Snacking on the yard in
the foreground is her goat, Abby.
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