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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Mountain Mama Bobcats
August 2002

We had  a GREAT visit with Colleen while she was in
beautiful Hayesville NC on vacation.
Yak yak yak yak for HOURS!
left to right: Kathy Chenoweth, Cindy Framback,
Janet Eubanks, Colleen Oates, Joi Leapline, all Class
of 68 except for Janet who was 69. Joi lives in
Hendersonville  NC, Janet came up from FL with
Colleen, Cindy lives in nearby Blairsville GA, and
Kathy lives over the mountains near Knoxville TN.
Joiful the Clown
entertained Colleen's grandchildren.
Well, let's be honest - Joiful
entertained the adults just as much!
She is absolutely wonderful- magic
tricks, balloon animals, games,
songs... everyone loved this special
Debby Kelly Returns!
I'm glad to say that Debby is BACK!
Unfortunately, yours truly here lost page 16
of the
Photo Album a while back due to a
crash. Fortunately, I still had Debby's photo
in the server, so simply put ... she's back!
Sorry for the hassle, Deb!
More Mountain Bobcats
September 2002
Another fab reunion in the beautiful NC mountains- this time with Ken Higgins, who
was visiting his Mom, Jean.
Cindy Frambach & Kathy Chenoweth got the Big
Bobcat Welcome (which included delicious food!).
Jean Higgins taught at J.C.
Mitchell, many of you already know. Ken lives in Boulder CO now. It was a
gorgeous setting for a wonderful afternoon of catching up- as if you could do THAT
in one afternoon. Ken took Cindy to the Senior Prom! Note Kathy's T-shirt, designed
by Gary Garvin for last July's Bobcat Big Chill up at Beech Mtn.
Bobcats Rule!
Gary "Zeke" Blair
Vice Mayor Gary "Zeke" Blair (class of
of Orange City, FL recently spent
time with
Gary Clarke (class of 1971)
while attending the
Florida League of
meeting at the Boca Raton Hotel
and Club
... and to think, Zeke used to
pick golf balls out of the ponds there as a
kid and sell them to passing golfers.
Gary writes: "This past summer, the
Ghiotto's had a small family reunion at
their cousin
Jeff Welch's home in
Roanoke, VA. Gail and her husband had
ridden their Motto Guzzi motorcycle from
Seattle. I was there also, riding my
R1150GS BMW up from Boone, NC. It
was billed as the
'Ghiotto Fest' and a good
time was had by all."
From left to right:
Lynn, Rob and Gail Ghiotto
Jean Kolinski
(Class of 68)
On the right
, is our Boxin' Bobkitty! This picture
was in her local newspaper recently. Hah! Let's
remember to stay on her good side, okay? And
watch her right jab, it'll knock you silly.
Sue Hodges
(Class of 68)
Back in April (2002), the gang met at
Ice Cream Parlor
in Micanopy. FL.
Left to right are Colleen Oates King (68), Sue
('68}, Kurt Daubenspeck ('69),
Deborah Stewart Oates ('70) and Dan Oates
Ray Deckard
(Class of 68)
It looks like Ray's
parasailing here ... doesn't
it? Seeing how his son
works the parasailing boat,
it's only fit to elevate Dad
a bit!

Me? I don't do heights!

Way to go, Ray!
Boca Boys
On their way to a recent Stones concert
in Ft. Lauderdale, standing in front of
the Boca Raton Hotel and Club, are
Gary "Zeke" Blair ('71), Jeff
"Wishbone" Welch
and Rob Ghiotto
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