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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
D.Yvonne Shoaf Hall
Class of 68, shown here with her late husband
Yvonne, who, sadly lost Colin this Spring,
does not have an e-mail address; she is in frequent
touch with
Kathy Chenoweth, and is listed in the
directory for "snail mail"! Have you noticed that
there are some Bobcats who apparently have not
aged since High School!?!?! Hmmm?
Colleen's Ice Cream Parlor
Visiting Colleen Oates King's ice cream parlor
in Micanopy, FL are
(left to right) Cory Smith
('80), Sue Hodges ('68), and Colleen
('68). I understand that ghost stories were the
afternoon's entertainment. This photo came from
Cory's site, which can be reached by going to, and I
recommend you go and pay a visit.
The Red Elvises Concert
I had recently attended a Red Elvises concert in
Richmond, VA. To the left, I'm in front of the
stage with bassist
Oleg Bernov playing in the
background. The photo on the right, I'm talking to
Oleg prior to the concert.
These guys are great ...
read my review by
here!                                           Gary
Las Vegas Kathy
"Our" Kathy recently went on a trip to Las Vegas
with her father. While there, she had time to get
together with her friend,
Ramblin' Ed Clark
Cruisin down Route 66 on his brand new
Indian motorcycle (see
Hobbies/Passions) Ed
Class of 68) sends us pix of some
wonderful Indian rock paintings and a Big
Horn Sheep who kept his eye on
Thanksgiving at Colleen's
Meeting at Colleen Oates' for this last
Thanksgiving (2001) were
(left to right)
Sue Hodges
(68), Colleen (68), Mayor
Dan Oates
(70) and Dan's wife, Deborah
Stewart Oates
The Sheffield Bros.
In early November, the Sheffield brothers played a gig sponsored by the City of West Palm Beach.
In order to try and avoid creating sibling rivalry, I have them posted in alphabetical order. They are:
John on drums (left); Rich on guitar (left center); Skip on bass (right center); and Mark Winans
on keyboards
(right). They kind of look like the Beach Boys to me!
Jim Davidson
In Oman for Christmas, 2001, Jim
class of 1968) is swimming with his
7-year-old daughter.
Mr. Phil Mallon
Contemplating his beautiful
Vermont garden in the Fall of
2001. He has a big farm up there-
more fabulous pictures coming in
the Hobbie/Interests/Passions
section soon! Did you picture Phil
turning out to be a FARMER? Hah!
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