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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Country Club Casual
Attending the 25th anniversary gala at
B&O Railroad Station Museum
in Ellicott City, MD, the mode of
dress was to be "country club casual."
What? Never heard of that one! All
my chums threw up suggestions at
our message board as to their
interpretation ... in the long run, this is
my version of CCC! Kind of like the
Beach Boys Mafia, don't you think?
Oh yes ... I did wear socks!
Terry P. McMahan
Terry, class of 1967, now resides in
Naples, Florida, and is president of
International College.
Johe Baptista Morris
Johe, class of 1967, sent us some recent
photos of her visit to Duck Lake and H & J
Caroline Tylander Bowman
Cookie, Class of 1968, is an avid
boater and fisher-person. In this
picture, you can partially see the 10
ft. board she caught in a fishing
tournament,  for which she got a
trophy for from the Jaycee's!!
Ed Clark
Class of 68 - in his "office"-on the Colorado
River ....he's the Canyon District Ranger (head
of the Canyon District which is the largest of 4
in the Lake Mead NRA)  out in AZ.
Think he
loves his job?
Ray Deckard
Ray (class of '68) and his
lovely wife,
They've been married
almost 30 years, folks!
Roger Shaul, Barbara &
Kathy Chenoweth
Roger (66), Barb (66) & Kathy (68) had
another fine dinner together in Knoxville
8/29/01.You'll notice they don't look
any older
than at their
last dinner a year ago! Hey, it's
not the years, baby, it's the MILES!
Marjie Peak Shadid
(Class of 1969)
Marjie graces the likes of
Oklahoma City with her jazz

"Shadid's style is calm to the
point of tranquility. She's a
smooth and sophisticated vocalist
reminiscent of Ella and Peggy
Doug Hill
of the Norman Transcript on Jazz
in June -
July 6, 2001
Diane St.Jean King,
Sharon Summer Amery
Karen Phillips Messer
All from the class of 1971, the
ladies enjoyed seeing each other
Sharon was visiting from
Kurt Daubenspeck (would have been
class of 1969),
now living in Orange
County, NY, was a student at
back in the early days. Kurt
has been very active at our message board
and has also provided many nostalgiac
photos from the
Boca El days. Some of
those photos will be posted in
at a later date. Kurt deserves to be
an Honorary BRHS alum for all of his
enthusiasm and input he has displayed.
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