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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Kathy Chenoweth Huber
(Class of 1968)
Here we see our glamour, bluegrass queen,
Kathy, during a visit with friends in New Jersey
in May, 2001. That's one of those
glow-in-the-dark things capturing all of those
fabulous curls.
Cindy Frambach
(Class of 1968)
Cindy Frambach Minton and her Mom met
Kathy Chenoweth Huber for lunch on June 10
in beautiful Highlands, NC. Cindy's Mom drove
one of the BRHS buses, so she knows more
Bobcats than any of us.
What a great
get-together this was!
Your tax dollars at work!
A day in the "ulcer factory" at the
Naval Surface Warfare Center's
Media Lab, Carderock Division,
in Bethesda, Maryland.
SEE! I do work on things other
than this site!
Uh oh! Looks like someone got a
digital camera!
You all are in for it now! See what was cloned
on a Friday night at the brother-in-law's, with a
NEW digital camera and Adobe Photoshop?
Pretty scary, huh? Oh well, I guess I'll never
grow up!
Party on, Garth!
In John Sparling's words:
"We just returned from our trip to St Augustine where we had a mini reunion with Steve and Sherry
and Sandy Madden and family.
Here's my family - daughter Rachel (16 next month) [top-left] commandeers the boat! Debbie and I
in the background.
Steve and Sherry [middle-right]. Steve and Sandy rented a pontoon boat and we spent the day
having fun [
top-right]. We saw manatees, rescued a stranded boater and collected old memorabilia
from the remains of Marineland.
Later we were treated with front row seats at the fireworks in St Augustine by the Bridge of Lions
top-center]. We really had a great time.
Sandy, Patrick (son), Meredith (Sandy's daughter who just announced her engagement!) and  
Paula Madden [lower-left].
Sandy at work in his home studio [lower-right]."
Clockwise, from
school photos of
John Sparling,
Steve Beard and
Sandy Madden
(all class of 1968).
The Sparlings, Beards and Maddens
Ed Clark's Office!
Ed (Class of 68) is the Canyon District Ranger out
in the Lake Mead area; in Temple Bar AZ.
for the great pictures, Ed.  That's SOME office!!!
Holly Barton
Holly (Class of 66) shown here a few
years back in beautiful San Francisco
during an AOL Guide's conference. She
still does things for AOL but no longer as a
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