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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Cindy Frambach
(Class of 1968)
Cindy and her beauteous daughters.
Bryce and
Noreen Pumphrey King
(Classes of 1970 and 1972)
A family portrait, above, during
the spring of 2000.
At right,
Bryce holding his new grandchild
Julia Elizabeth Landry (3-15-01)
Joy Shearer
(Class of 1971)
Christmas Joy! With her
husband, John Angstadt,
and son Robert,
Christmas, 1999
Gary Garvin and Chris Hamilton
(Class of 1968 & 1969)
Shown here June 7th, 2001 at Hamburger
Hamlet in Bethesda, MD
Cool story here:
Chris and I attended Leland Jr. High School in Bethesda,
MD through 9th grade. I moved to Boca to start 10th
grade and I lost touch with Chris.
During my Jr. year at BRHS, I was in the Boca Library
one night. I looked up at someone walking in through the
door... lo and behold, it was Chris. Just moved to Boca
and going to St. Andrews. Talk about small world.
Wait! It gets better!
After the Navy, I moved back to MD. And, as I recently
found out,
so did Chris! It's really wild how everything
turned out.
He's still the same, great guy!
Keith Higgins
(Class of 1969)
Jeff Gabura
and his lovely wife
(Class of 1971)
Jeff and his family live up in Canada.
His pet project is a restoring an old 66'
steamer that his
Heritage Foundation
owns. It's on a lake about two hours
from Toronto. He plans on
documenting the process during the
summer so that he can share it with us  
in the
Hobbies, Interests and Passions
OK Jeff, start restoring!
Bob Franklin
(Class of 1966)
At left,
Bob is shown here sitting at his workstation . In the center photo, this is how foreign
customs people see
Bob through his passport photo. Bob is now living in Hawaii.
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