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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
The Trettiens!
(All class of 1968)
The photo was taken Easter 2000.
Still look the same to me!
Vickie Hewey Stamport
(Class of 1968)

Vickie has quite a family, and they are:
(column left, top to bottom) Bryan,
Georgette and Kalyn;
(column right, top to bottom)
Jake, Tiffany and Kalyn,
and top to bottom,
Trish, Michelle
and Kalyn;in the center, Vickie,
Eddie and Kalyn.
Those Chenoweth Girls!
Barbara (66) & Kathy (68)
and the Christmas 2000 Family Portrait!!
Dennis Adams
(Class of 1971)
Marja Mars Mandell
(Class of 1968)
Shown here with her husband, Bob,
during the summer of 2000
Sharon Summers Amery
Diane St. Jean King
(Both class of 1971)
Sharon (shown left), now living in
Katy, TX,  recently stopped by to say
hi to
Diane (right).
Steven Welch
(Class of 1970)
With daughter Ariel Boston up
at Breckenridge during the
summer of 2000.
David Patterson
(Class of 1970)
In Waikiki Beach (summer 2000)
with his "Wonder Woman"
Debbie Allen, and of course,
Ed Clark
(Class of 1968)
Ed, with the National Park Service and his
Eric, a member of the U.S. Marine Corps
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