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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
On Kathy Chenoweth Huber's
(Class of 68) November trip to
Las Vegas, she got to visit with
Darlene Stachura Reefer
(Class of 66) and Shirley Stachura Girard
(Class of 68)
Jill Kitchen Raffel and
Karen Adams Montgomery
(both class of 1969)
got together recently for a few days.
Jill and Karen go WAY back!
Choir, Juniorettes, Girl Scouts, etc.
Colleen Oates Dawe
(class of 68)
during a recent visit to
Colleen's cafe
Drew Scalzi (class of 70)
holds a seat on the Alaska Legislature
(see "Where Are They Now?" for that link)
and is a commercial fisherman!
Boca Names
Diane King
Employee of
the Year!
Diane St. Jean King
(class of 71) was recently named
Boca Raton City Hall's
Employee of the Year and was
aptly dubbed "King of the Hall"!
There ya go... another Bobcat
does good!
Dual birthday celebrations for
Janet Eubank ('69) and
Sue Hodges ('68) at the home of
Colleen Oates King ('68).

Top, left-to-right and down:
Colleen; Jill, Colleen and Janet;
Janet; Mike Raffel; Sue Hodges;
TROUBLE... Jill, Sue, Colleen and Janet;
and last but not least, Janet and the cake.
The senior photos, lower left-to-right:
Colleen, Jill, Janet and Sue.
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