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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Colleen Oates King and Gary Garvin
(Both class of 1968)
Seen here in Ellicott City, MD
(October 28, 2000)
Celia Hoffstetter Ryder
(Class of 66) with
Mike Sheppard & Lindy Nolan
(Would have been Class of 66)
at "The Bridge", Aug.'99
Mike left Boca High for the USAF & Lindy
transferred out of Boca High.
Ron Cook (Class of 1968)
Seen here recently, appears to be enjoying family, friends and the water!
An excellent batch of pix sent in by Jean Kolinski (Class of 68).
Color photo: Jean's (Sept.2000) visit with Ray Parker and Terry Heath at a
Napa Valley, CA, winery.
BW Photo's from loooooooong ago-
(looks like a year or two after graduation?)
Ray Parker, Terry Heath, John "Bama" Jones
Bottom: Ray Parker, Terry Heath, ?, Rusty Martin, ?, "Bama" Jones
All Class of 68'ers
Ray Parker and John Jones
not pictured in yearbook
Tripp Walen (Class of 72)
being sworn in as President
of the MFSA, June 99
Gary Garvin and Karen
Mosher Molloy
(Both class of 1968)
at Copeland's restaurant in
Rockville, MD
October 13, 2000
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