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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
All from the class of 1968: (Left), Steve Beard's 50th birthday party... Steve Avery seen here
waiting for
Steve B. to finish tappin' that keg!!! (Center and right) Steve Beard & Pat Madden
"then and now"- still searching for the perfect wave according to Steve. Nice photo, guys!
Senior pictures below: (Left to right) Steve Beard, Steve Avery and Pat Madden
Karen Coyle Allan
(class of 1968)
and her family
Ellen Wymbs Crouse
(class of 1971)
and her husband, Ken
Wayne Scott
(class of 1968)
is an architect in
Delray Beach.
Joi Pack, Tish Carlo Wilmering,
and Karen Mosher Molloy
(class of 1968)
all together in Hendersonville, NC
April 1998
Karen Mosher Molloy
and Tish Carlo Wilmering
(class of 1968)
together in Block Island, RI
May 1999
Senior pictures
(Top left, clockwise):
Joi Pack, Tish Carlo
Karen Mosher Molloy
Salt Springs
May, 2000

Left to right:
Sue Hodges (1968)
Gary Blair (1971)
Mike Raffel
Jill Kitchen Raffel
Steve Avery (class of 1968)
when he turned 40!
Lin Adams Hurley
(class of 1969)
and her husband Pat!
NEW! 12-3-00
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