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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Yvonne (Mars) Schrey
and Donna Hoffner
(both class of 1970)
Yvonne (Mars) Schrey,
George Sparling and friend.
(class of 1970)
Jim Wade, Debbie (Smith)
, Tommy Brannigan
and Beth (Horton) Smith
(class of 1970)
Class of 1970
2      5      t      h              R      E      U      N      I      O      N
Yvonne Mars
Donna Hoffner
George Sparling
Debbie Smith
Tom Brannigan
Beth Horton
Sue Hodges (class of 1968) and fellow Walter Johnson
High School
(Bethesda, MD) alumni Gayle Nourse
(class of 1968) meeting in April 2000 on the Snake River
(Oregon side). Sue attended
WJHS for her sophomore
year prior to moving to
BRHS. Gayle currently resides
in Washington state.
Mark Gallant in a recent photo. Mark
would have graduated with the class of
, however, he left school early and
joined the
U.S. Marine Corps.
Yvonne (Mars) Schrey,
(class of 70)
and husband John-
looking FABULOUS, Summer of  99!!!!
Too good to pass up!
Although not BRHS alumni, I'm sure a lot
of you out there remember one, some or
all of the
Sheffield brothers. From left to
Richard, Mark Winans, John and
Skip. Kind of looks like a mix of Beach
Boy-lumberjack-pirates! Lookin' MEAN!
Richard is celebrating his 50th birthday
this day.
F    A    T    H    E    R          A    N    D           S    O    N
Gary Garvin (class of 1968) and his son, Patrick (class of 1997) seen here
reenacting together, during the summer of 1997.

Left to right: Patrick (1st Maryland), Patrick and Gary (at Gettysburg), again,
the two in formation (Ellicott City, MD) and
Gary (1st Maryland). Oh yes,
they had to share a two-man dog tent together... talk about father/son bonding!
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