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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Pastor Gary Dolphus
(class of 1968)
and his lovely wife Pat
Michelle Peirce Dedrickson (class of 1973)
and Ray Giebel (class of 1966)
Michelle is spearheading the sequel to this site
for the years 1972-77!
Susan Hodges and Steve Avery
(both class of 1968)
at a party in the Fall of 1992
Sue Hodges and
John Sparling
(both of the class of 1968)
celebrating New Year's Eve
(1969 or 1970)
Boca Raton is in GOOD HANDS! Here we have a wonderful photo of nine, lovely BRHS
alumni, all of whom work for the
Boca Raton City Hall. They are, from left to right:
Lisa Yurkin (1980), Pamela Gregory John (1977), Linda Davidson (1975),
Patty (Rieske) VanBuskirk (1974), Patti (Caylor) Ludlow (1973),
Victoria (Ebel) Gillian (1972), Diane (St.Jean) King (1971), Diane Borchardt (1967),
Terri (Valenti) Lashley (1967). The last three are represented below by their senior
yearbook photos, and in the same order
We do not have any yearbook
photos from 1972 and up. If any
of you ladies would like to send a
photo file from your senior class,
please click here!
Bryce King (class of 1970) and
Noreen Pumphrey King (class of 1972)
Dr. Eric Wallace (class of 1970) working on
George Sparling (class of 1970)
and displaying the joys of pain-free dentistry!
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