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Nostalgia City
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Still Rockin'!
I played a couple of gigs with the Second Wind Bandits recently that were a lot of fun!

Below, left: Our band played at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. in April. We
were at the foot of the Jefferson Memorial and that's the tidal basin behind us. I'm the guy on bass
to the right sporting the tropical shirt.

Below, right: We played for a Beatles tribute at the Ram's Head Live in Baltimore. A dozen, or so,
local bands got up and each played three Beatles tunes. This was a benefit for Johns Hopkins
Pediatric Cancer Research. This is a BIG venue with a big sound ... for those guitar/bass buffs out
there, I played bass through an Ampeg SVT-Pro 8 with 10x10" speakers, and, it was also running
through the PA. The air moving from the cabinet actualy made my pant legs flap a few times. And,
I'm again the guy in the tropical shirt ... in the middle of the front three.

A good time was had by all!!!
Yet, Another Musician!
Rick Averill (class of '71) has a job I certainly envy ... working at Sam Ash music store
(in Margate, FL). Rick's displaying some of his guitars (lower left). He's definitely a
"Gibson guy!" There he is with an SG, ES335 (with Bigsby vibrato)  and a Les Paul. Rick
is seen at his day job (lower right), and this being the holiday season, I bet he's pretty busy.
Some COOL Guitars!
Paul Avery, class of 1970, proudly displays his restored
Gibson SG (left). He is also playing his Rogue 6/12
double-neck (lower right).
You can see Paul, and brother Steve, over in
Nostalgia City
with their band in 1971.
A little better definition in
the photo to the left ... the
Ram's Head gig ... it was a
killer stage and the place had
killer sound! As always, I'm
the guy in the tropical shirt.
Class of '68 Reunion
Here's a group photo of our 1968 Class Reunion held in Boca during July, 2008. I have literally
HUNDREDS of photos to sort through, so please be patient ... we'll have a good reunion spread coming
up on the site here really soon ...
keep checking back!
Front row, (left to right): Mike Anderson, Carol Prowe, Cindy Frambach, Sue Hodges, Joi Leapline, Rick
Tolman, Kathy Chenoweth and Steve Moore.
Second row: Ken Higgins, Caroline Tylander, Mike Hart, Anne Marie Messmer, Brenda Whisman, Jean
Kolinski and Bob Rice.
Third row: Dave Ingram, Jim Davidson, Steve Beard, Gary Garvin, Ken Davis, Colleen Oates, Ray "Chuck"
Parker, Bill Norris, Terry Heath, Rick Summers, Georgene Noble, Hank Seaman and Bill Peak.

Click here for reunion photos!