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Nostalgia City
More pictures from July 05- Kathy Chenoweth
Huber's quick rampage thru Florida!
A nice visit with the Randon's, Vivian and Ted, and Sheri Priest Rock, (class of 69) at the Randon's
place in Port Orange. 7/2/05
Dinner with Ken Higgins (class of 68) in
Melbourne Beach. The man can cook. It's a
beautiful thing, I tell you!. 7/2/05
Then, below, a Bobcat Brunch at the Holiday Inn
on the beach in Highland Beach. REALLY nice
place, never been there before. This is where Bob
& Ellen Rice got married, too, so it was extra
nostalgic for them! 7/3/05
Debbie Sheller
(sorry Deb,
caught you
napping) and
Class of 68)
Look up "trouble" in the dictionary---here's the
picture you'll find.
John Alley (66), John Maradie
(68) and
Dennis Maradie (66)
John Alley and Linda
(66). Linda
wouldn't look at the
camera, she was
counting the money!
Bob Rice (class of 68)
and Ellen- honorary
Bobcat - she's been to
so many Bobcat
Reunions she almost
believes she DID
graduate from BRHS.
Skip Sheffield was also there for a little bit, but had to leave
before I even got the lens cap off my camera!
Fred Bondesen (Class of 68) was in Tennessee on business and
got together with
Kathy Chenoweth Huber for dinner at
Calhouns on the Tennessee River. We were doing okay until the
young waitress (she was an EMBRYO) called us Sir and Ma'am.
Fred explained to her that though we might appear to be mature
adults on the outside, we were NOT so at all, on the inside! She
nodded and backed away slowly. 4/2005
Bobcats in the Smokies--- When Steve & Sheri Vienne Beard (Classes 68 and 72, respectively)
signed up to do a "WorkKamper" summer at Happy Holidays Campground in Cherokee NC, they
hosted a fun get-together. From left:
Joi Leapline Pack, Colleen Oates Dawe, Kathy
Chenoweth Huber, Cindy's Mom Eleanor Frambach, Cindy Frambach, Steve Beard
. All
class of 68, except for Mrs. F, who drove our Schoolbus #1! Colleen's new hubby, Art was out in
the trout stream fishing, and Sheri took the picture. 8/2005
A September Wedding
Attending the wedding of Jane Fitzpatrick
son were members from the class of
1971. They are
Jane Fitzpatrick Antal,
Diane St. Jean King, Kathy Legge
and Mary Jane Acquilano

Boca chicks are ALWAYS lookin' good!
Denise and Mike Melvin - Class of 1970
Denise Probst Melvin and Mike Melvin shown above (left) in Amsterdam, where they live part of the
year, but mainly reside in Deerfield Beach. Any Bobcats that happen to be in Amsterdam when they are,
are certainly welcome to get in touch. Above
(right), a recent photo of Denise, with her daughter Heather.