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Nostalgia City
Bob Saves Cindy:
A friend's love and loyalty!

Cindy Bush Hernandez, class of 1969, recently
had a terrible scare.

While swimming in the river behind her home, an
alligator began making his way towards Cindy.
Seeing that his master, and friend, was in trouble,
Bob (Cindy's beloved dog), put hiumself in harm's
way. He went after the alligator to allow
Cindy to
make it back to safety. Sadly,
Bob lost his life to
the alligator in doing so. Bob paid the ultimate price
Cindy is forever indebted to him.

Cindy wants the world to know that Bob is a hero
in the truest sense. I am only too glad to help!

There have been several media events in relation to
this story, and I encourage you to hit the links
below to get all of the details. The piece from CBS
is especially well done. For
Cindy, please honor
Bob by visiting the sites and seeing the stories.

Tampa Bay's
10 News has videos!

CBS News Early Show has a terrific write-up
and video.

Animal features Bob as a hero!
Summer Action!

Holly Barton, class of 1967,
was rafting for 17 miles
through the Hudson River
Gorge! ... sounds pretty wet,
wild and INSANE!
Look what Washed Up!

Chuck Hill, class of 1969, and his wife Donna
recently landed this fine specimen ... their
12-year-old son,
Ethan. Chuck is very proud of
Ethan for his volunteer community service, activity
in their local community theater, and the fact that
he attended an engineering camp this summer.
Kathy Chenoweth, Don & Dave Laury
Karen Ruff, Janet Eubanks, Jeannie Kolinski,
Colleen Oates
Richard Rhodes, Phyllis Harrell Rhodes, &
Colleens sweet newlywed husband Art Dawe
Karen Ruff, Sue Hodges, Janet Eubanks
Things eventually got out of hand,
and we had to leave the restaurant.
Bobcats at
The Yearling
4th of July weekend
Halloween Gig!

Sporting my beloved Washington Nationals
baseball uniform, I'm seen here playing at a
Halloween party on 11/29/05 in Rockville, MD.
What might be of interest is the fact that the
speaker cabinet behind my leg is the very same
one I used when I played at
Boca Teentown back
in 1966 and 1967.
Skip Sheffield ought to
remember that cab!

To my chagrin, my drummer announced to the
crowd that I looke more like a MANAGER than a
player. I gave him a nice Halloween glare-'o-doom
for coming up with that one!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween.

Party on, Garth!