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Nostalgia City
Full Circle!
Chris Hamilton ('69) and I at the Outta
the Way Cafe in Derwood, MD. Chris and
I went to school together in Bethesda, MD,
then BRHS, and now we're both back here
in Maryland. Chris is STILL the great guy
he always has been!
Prom Night
Author and graphic designer, Elissa Stein, who
resides in New York, has just published this fabulous
book entitled Prom Night. I encourage all of you to
hit the link (the photo below) and order the book ...
it's very nostalgiac, and I might add, features some
of our own Boca Bobcats
Bob Rice, Marja Mars
Sue Hodges (all '68).

Elissa is very thankful
for all the help she got
from our classmates. I
might say, also, that
Elissa is such a nice
person ... that's obvious
through communicating
with her.
Thank you,
Elissa, for rekindling
fond memories!
Party On, Bobcats! In Feb.
2005, a great event- the "27th Anniversary
of Danny Murray's 29th Birthday" Bash was
held at the Inlet!
Top Left-
Sandy Briggs Jones and Brenda
Whisman Murray
(both 68), Top Right:
Mike Enders (67) Cookie Tylander
(68), Tom "Ozzie" Osborne
Jim Hodorowski (67), Sue Hodges
(68), Jeff Sullivan (67)
Bottom Right; Mike Enders, Ozzie, Sully,
Jim H.
Cookie says it was a beautiful, perfect
Boca Day...lots of fun and food and good
times hangin' out with long-time Bobcat
Bobcat Wedding Bells
The Happy Couple
Just a few months ago, in
December 2004,
Bill DaCamara
Melinda Moore, both Class of
66, tied the knot in Florida. I'm
waiting for the full story, but
apparently THIS WEBSITE gets
the credit for getting them
(The rest, of course, was
all their own doing!!!)
More Bobcat Bliss
On April 2nd 2005 Colleen Oates, Class of 68, wed
Art Dawe in Florida. Bobcats in attendance were
Danny Oates (Class of 70), Janet Eubank (69),
Cookie Tylander (68) Jeannie Kolinski (68), Jeff
(67), plus Danny's wife Debra, and
Jeannie's friend Greg. Wish we were there!!!