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Nostalgia City
Hope you have looked at all of the Photo Album by now-
Parts I and II! It just gets bigger and bigger... here's new
Grant Gelhardt, (1971) and a guy who
LOOKS familiar, if only I could just place that
face ...
Oh yeah. Jeb Bush, Gov. of Fla!!! Xmas 2004.
Here are a bunch of Bobcat Kiddies- Above we have Paul
Avery and Dan Oates (1970),
and on the left we have
proud Boyscouts
Steve Welch (1970), Steve Avery (1968), and Dan
Steve Shovea (1971),
who is The Man at the
Destin Beach Club in the
Ivan-Ravaged Fla
Panhandle- they are STILL
cleaning up!
Christmas cheer 2004
Colleen Oates
King and Sandy Burke
Jones (1968)
, flanked
by friend Art, and Howie
Jones (Seacrest class
of.....1966 I'm
A little New Year get-together:
Left to right:
Jeff Sullivan (67), Jean
Kolinski, Sue Hodges,
Colleen Oates King, Sandy
Burke Jones, (all '68)
Howie Jones, a Seacrest alum.
Rob Marqusee (1970) lives out in Iowa
with his family
Ed Clark (1968) and his Wild Life at Big Cypress
Swamp- if it's not a very rare North American
Crocodile, it's week-old Florida Panthers, or maybe a
PRESIDENT....yes, that's Ed with former President
Carter, who paid a visit to the National Park! Ed says he
was very friendly and gracious!
Action Shot of Caroline
Tylander Bowman's (1968)

son Jamie, serving in the
Persian Gulf- a Navy Seal!
Cindy Frambach (1968) loves life in the mountains
of North Georgia- she has joined a real estate firm
there recently.
Ken Higgins (1968) and his friend Diane soakin'
up the rays in Cancun in November 2004. Am I
the only one who thinks this looks like Ken has
found a time machine back to the Summer of
1968? sigh.
Mary Houghton (1968) goes nowhere without her
camera these days!
Ed Smith, (1969) cruising out in
Oregon on his bike.