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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Barbara Chenoweth
, ('66)
had a huge shopping
fit at the Lenox Outlet
in Cranbury NJ earlier
in 2004! Barbara lives
in TN, but loves to
head North on
vacations! Now that's
the face of a happy
Bobcat Get-togethers
Kathy Chenoweth Huber ('68) hopped in her
car and headed to FL (from TN) in July- on her
way to meet other family members for a
vacation. And on her way....THIS is what
happened! Fabulous Bobcat luncheon at a very
groovy Italian restaurant in Jacksonville called
Bucca di Beppo (Thanks to Ray Deckard for
setting it all up!) First row l to r: Sue Hodges,
Kathy, Steve Beard, Back row, l to r: Steve
Avery, John Sparling, Rick Tolman, Ray
Deckard ...
all class of '68! We were a
boisterous group- what a great time we had!
Other Bobcats were in attendance, L to R, Terry Rogers Tolman ('71), Sherri
Viennes Beard
('71), Debbi Madden Sparling ('71)
The finale of the Southern leg of Kathy's
trip- a totally wonderful, and TOO
BRIEF, visit with
Vivian Randon-
Chorus Director for BRHS- many of us
have some very very fond memories of
Mrs. Randon! And this is no lie- she looks
JUST THE SAME except her hair is a
beautiful silver instead of blonde! Her
husband, Ted, whom many of us also
knew, took the picture and that's why
he's not in it!
BUT THAT'S NOT THE END......A wonderful Bobcat luncheon at Tish Carlo
Wilmering's house in Lake Worth on the 4th of July ....from l to r:
Carol Prowe
Stankee, Karen Lorentzen Jensen, Yvonne Shoaf Hall, Bob Rice, Sherilyn
Barton, Kathy Chenoweth Huber, Tish (
all '68) It was a very special time
together. What a joyful, fun-loving bunch, Bobcats are THE BEST and that's no lie.
We were gonna make you
GUESS who those two twerps
on the left are  - but it really
wouldn't be that hard to see
that 43 (yes, 43) years later
they pretty much look the
same, except for being a little
bigger. And of course there's
that beard...but other than
THAT.... Boy, we have been
friends a long time.
1961!The two skinniest kids in
Bob Lynch
Back in 1991, Bob Lynch ('69) is shown here with
Laura Vega (a.k.a. The Shark) during one of his
many trips to Costa Rica.
Nice looking shark!!!
Barbara & Kathy Chenoweth
Yeah, some people grow old, but don't grow UP, ya
know? Halloween 2004.
Bobcats Running Wild in
Barbara Chenoweth Pendergrass (66), Kathy
Chenoweth Huber
(68), Colleen Oates King
(68) and
Steve Welch (70) - this sure was a
wonderful day out in the Great Smoky Mountain
National Park, TN.
While Cookie Tylander Bowman (68) was up in
NC visiting her parents at their beautiful mountain
Kathy Chenoweth Huber (68) dropped
in for a visit.
There's just no mistaking that sunny smile- Jean
(68) at Christmas 03- she has since
moved herself and her feathered pals back to FL
from CA- she's got a new nest over in Venice!
Still Surfing!
Lee Bishop ('69) at his home surf break, Fall 2004!
Xmas Get-together for the Class of 1971!
Diane King (left) in a group photo at a holiday party hosted by Jane Fitzpatrick Antal
(to her right)
, and joining in were Mary Jane Acquilano Von Stetten and
John Von Stetten to Jane's right..