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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Sandpoint's Finest!
Ivan Rimar ('68) resides in Sandpoint, ID, and loves it. He's obviously the consumate
outdoorsman! He's a contractor at his day job and the great outdoorsman during his free time!
Rat and the Bear
Holly Barton ('66) on vacation in the
Adirondacks. When Holly's not kayaking, she
spends time with her friend, the bear, at the
Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.
Country Western Daze
Even though my band, BreakAway, is
cruising along, I still play with a couple of
other groups. In the pictures on the left, I'm
playing bass for a country western group
Lost Memories. The top photo was
the Moose Lodge in College Park, MD, and
the photo below was at the VFW in
Wheaton, MD. I also play with a group
Bill Mulroney and the Second Wind
in Silver Spring on Wednesday nights
at the Austin Grill. What can I say ... I love
to play. And then there are my hockey
games in between. I guess I never grew up.

         Gary G.
A Benefit!
My band, BreakAway, was
fortunate enough to participate in
a benefit concert on July 25th at
the Outta the Way Cafe in
Derwood, MD. The event was
opened by the
Newports, a band
that opened for my ninth grade
spring dance back in 1965 in
Bethesda, MD. They still have
what it takes, and they lit the joint
up. The top photo is that of our
BreakAway. The photo  
below was the "grand finale" as
both groups participated. It was a
special event for me seeing as it
was a worthy benefit as well as I
have been a big fan of the
Newports since the early 60s!

BTW, I'm the dude in the dark
tropical shirt playing the
Gibson Les Paul!
Gary G.
New Boca High
This is the NEW Boca Raton High School
administration building. What a nice job!