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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Rockin' at Parker's!

I'm still busy with the band scene.
Here's a recent shot of the senior hippie
playing at Parker's Bistro (how yuppie
sounding) in mid-March in Bethesda,
MD, with my group,
BreakAway. This
is a far cry from the way I looked when
playing during the 70s
... check out
Nostalgia City, Archive I, page 3!

Bill and Marjie Peak
Quite a pair of photos ... to the left is Marjie ('69) and Bill ('68) back when Bill was in the Air Force
during the Vietnam era. The photo in the right shows them at Bill's recent retirement from the U.S.
Army down in Florida. Bill is the only classmate that I'm aware of that served in both the U.S. Air Force
AND the U.S. Army.
A Wedding in Boca

Last summer at St. Gregory's
Episcopal Church in Boca, a gathering
of Bobcats got together for this shot.
They are (left to right):
Jim Parks ('69)
Sue Summers ('69)
Dave Summers ('70)
Sharon Summers ('71)
Tom Brannigan ('70)
Janet Burnett Summers ('73)
Rick Summers ('68)
Jim Davidson aboard the
USS Leyte Gulf
Jim's shown here aboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55)
in the middle east. It's 115 degrees in the shade. He
will be moving on to Quito, Ecuador soon and
welcomes any Bobcats who may be in the
Beards and Peaks
More photos from Bill Peak's recent retirement from the US Army. The photo
on the left is
Sherry and Steve Beard ('68) and the photo on the right is
Steve, Marjie and Bill. Bill's appearance has change somewhat since
we were last in a band together in 1968 ...
he was the drummer!
Diane King and Gordon Gilbert
Diane (St. Jean) King ('71) has been busy recently (since May 5th, 2004). The picture below and left is
that of
Diane and our Gordon Gilbert ... Mr. Gilbert was being honored for serving on the Parks and
Recreation Board
since 1974. To the right, Diane is receiving the Award of Excellence for "Outsanding
Contribution to Our Community for Youth Government Day Coordinator for the City of Boca Raton"

with the Rotary Club of Boca Raton.
Way to go DIANE!!!
Taking a Break from the Stars
Steve Welch ('70) had some good times in France.
There are too many pictures to put on our site, but you
can check them out by clicking
The Class of 1971 at Blue Springs State Park
Gary "Zeke" Blair had some visitors recently ... Julie Jeffords and Steve Shovea! They spent
some tme at Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, FL. I'm waiting for
Steve to drop by this neck
of the woods so we can do some tunes ... he can play his Gibson SG and I'll play bass!