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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
The Cheerleader!
Deb Kelly ('69) sent some photos covering the last couple of years. Top left, Deb celebrating what
most of us have done now ... turning 50.
Top right, right after a visit with Bob Dole. Lower left,
standing in front of the Civil War memorial at Stone Mountain, and
lower right, Deb at Long Beach.
Holly Barton ('66) sent along this
photo of her dog Music, and Holly
herself, sitting in Holly's 13'-8" Old
Town Loon kayak. Holly spends
much of her time kayaking and loves
it best when Music comes along for
the ride.
Something's Always Going on at Colleen's!
From late November to New Year's Eve, below you'll find some photos of those who were visiting
Colleen Oates King. She's always got something going on!
Jeff Sullivan ('67)  and Janet Eubanks ('69)
Jeff Sullivan ('67)  and Colleen ('69) and Kay Hardy ('67)
Bob (Janet's husband)  and Don Laury ('70)
Trader (left) and Pilgrim - Mike's Lab (right)
Maryleda Hardy Jones and her husband Jimmy Jones
Deb Kelly ('69), Mike and Jill Kitchen Raffel ('69)
Colleen, Janet and Deb ... babes!
Bob, Don Laury ('70) and Dave Laury ('70)
Stevie Ray Shovea
On tour ... February, 2004!