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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
More from Colleen's Gathering!
More photos from Colleen Oates' party earlier this summer:
Colleen's Crossroads Country Kitchen!
The girls ... Maryleda Hardy, Sue Hodges,
Colleen Oates King and Jill Kitchen Raffel.
A beaming Jill ...
... and Maryleda, too!
Mike Raffel ... Jill's "other half!"
A beaming Jill ...
... and Maryleda, too!
A beaming Jill ...
... and Maryleda, too!
Jeff "Sully" Sullivan
Sully entertaining the crowd!
Kathy Singing with the Rivieras!
FABULOUS is the only thing I can say about having Kathy come up for a visit and singing along with
one of my bands ... the
Rivieras. Kathy was such a big hit that the guys want her to move closer to
Maryland so she can be a regular.
Kathy just before the show ...
wearing my "dress" tropical shirt!
Myself, with the hair still slicked
down just before we went on.
The Rivieras plus Kathy. From left to right, Gary Garvin, Dan Cunningham,
Andy Conversano hidden behind Dan on drums (that always happens to him),
Kathy Chenoweth Huber and lead guitarist and singer, Scott Geshen.
... and More of the Musically
Beverly Ross ('68), who resides in College Park,
Maryland, is involved with classical guitar music. She
is currently involved with the
Potomac Guitar Trio
and member/treasurer for the
Washington Guitar
. You can go and download some MP3 files of
her three-piece guitar ensemble by clicking
here. And
you can visit her
Washington Guitar Society site by
here. I found the MP3 files Klangbilder and
Rak Moods to be quite unique and entertaining. Since
I'm in the area, I'll have to catch her in concert here
in the near future!
Above, Beverly with her
trio members
Bob Wysong
Don Sauter
The Adventurer!
Steve Shovea ('71), recently on an adventure outing with his son and a good friend, showing his
catch, 8' and 10' gators. One of the gators went into a death roll wrapping himself up in the line from
the harpoon, and almost did a number on the fingers of his friend at the other end. Steve's wearing the
dark teeshirt and the "hat!"
Check out Steve's rock and roll pics back on page four.