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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
Steve Shovea
Steve Shovea, class of 1971, has sent me more photos of his musical ebdeavors!
op left: Recently, at his recording studio, a photo of his group Lightning Jack. The following three
photos are of a band he was in,
South Bound, for five years in California during 1984.
It's Been a While
Sue Hodges (class of 1968) and Dave Wright (class of 1969) recently ran
into each other (July, 2003) ... I don't know how they do it, but they both
seem as if they're participants of the fountain of youth!
A July, 2003 Reunion
Colleen Oates King (class of 1968) recently hosted another mini-reunion at her
Crossroads Country Kitchen in Ocala, FL. Here we go ... from the top
left, to right and down:
1) Karen Ruff Kilpatrick (class of 1968) talking to Manuel Aguilera.

Ray Deckard (class of 1968) with his patented smile!

Jill Kitchen Raffel (class of 1969), and husband Mike.

Colleen, Jill and Maryleda Hardy Jones
Colleen was gracious enough to close the restaurant for the day to put on the event. I find
that to be a rather unselfish act ...
thank you, Colleen!
Surfing USA
Chris Smith, class of 1969,
has moved to Palm Coast, FL.
This surf shot was taken at
Flagler Beach, just 15 minutes
from his house.
Whilst Traveling
Sue Hodges, class of 1968, sent us some photos
of her crossing paths with Bobcats during her
recent travels.

Top photo: On her trip to Washington state, Sue
stopped in to visit the Sokols. This was taken at
Tumwater Falls, August 9th, 2003. Left to right,
Lynn Rifenburg Sokol (1967), Danny Sokol
(Seacrest HS class of 1965)
and Sue Hodges.

Bottom Photo: On the way home from a
whirlwind visit to Washington state, a tired
traveling Bobcat,
Sue Hodges (1968), has her
picture taken with radiant
Cory Clough Rieken
. Newlyweds Cory and Roger Reiken
visited with
Sue during her layover on Sunday,
August 10 at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.
Canoe Man
Jerry Williams, class of 1966, sent along these
photos, one picture showing his hand made, 15'-6",
canvas covered cedar canoe (shown below). He
was riding it on Woodlands Lake, near his home in
Woodlands, TX. Jerry is also an avid model railroad
enthusiast working with HO scale trains.I will be
setting something up, soon, in the Hobbies, Interests
and Passions section to display his model railroading