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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
More on the Music Scene
I've been pretty active getting back into the music/band
scene these days. The shot to the right is one of the open
mic sessions at Backstreets in Rockville, MD. I'm on the
left, playing my EB-0 bass, partially obscured is
on drums, and to the right is Dan "the man"
, the main draw. The guy is great with vocals
and very popular with the crowd. So, when I'm not on the
rink slapping a puck around, this is what I do! HEY! Is
Teentown still going? We could play there! LOL!

Party on, Garth!
Great Get-Together
Paul Matwiy (68) and Kathy Chenoweth (68),
friends & neighbors since 5th grade in J.C.
Mitchell (where Paul's Dad was Principal) got
together for a fabulous lunch at Skywalker
Ranch in California, where Paul works for
George Lucas' LucasFilms Company.  May 16,
Only 120 Degrees
Jim Davidson, Class of 1968, recently was working on a port
visit of a US Navy ship (USS Fitzgerald) in Muscat, Sultanate of
Oman. Actually, it was a cool 110 degrees here during the photo
... it had cooled down from 120 degrees the day before. And,
Small World Award, this is the ship Cookie Tylander's son
James is on!
The Bunny from Hell!
Ray Deckard, Class of 1968, unselfishly
volunteered his time and services this last
Easter at an assisted living home to help
make life a little more lighthearted for our
senior citizens.
Hiking in the Smokies
Barbara Chenoweth Pendergrass (Class of 66) and grandson Josh  above)
at beautiful Abrams Falls.
Kathy Chenoweth Huber (Class of 68) at right.
May 2003
Bobcat Buckaroos
Beki Smith (Class of 71), Kathy Chenoweth
(Class of 68) and Patti Davis Trautwein
(Class of 71) on a trailride in the Oconee National
Forest in Georgia in June 2003. Patti lives nearby,
and, well, horsey people always find each
other!!! Patti has a nice ranch, and enough horses
to spare so that Kathy could borrow one. Beki,
recently moved to NC, trailered her horse over
for the ride!
A Summer in Italy!
Chuck Hill (Class of 69), along with his
family in Italy during the summer of 2003. I
think that it would be best if I were to directly
quote Chuck on this one. "
Chuck Hill has
spent the summer in the small town of  
Arricia, Italy in the Alban Hills south of Rome.
He and his wife,
Donna Sollie, get a lecture
Ethan on the relative merits of Ferraris
and Lamborginis - or maybe it's an assessment
of the ten-year-old's latest cup of nocciola
The Fourth 'o July, 2003!
Even though we had to pull all of the sound
equipment, and everything else in sight, into and
under the gazebo, twice, during two passing
squalls, the
Rivieras survived the "Fourth!" Yes,
although the photo may be a little
"postage-stampish" in size, to the left is
, myself playing bass in the center,
and lead guitarist
Scott Geshin on the right. The
drumming was provided by our friend from the
Great, White North (Canada),
Stephano, whilst
our regular drummer,
Andy Conversano, was at
the beach with his family.
We did have a ball,
Steve Shovea
Steve Shovea, class of
, recently showed up
after many years! It's good
to see that he's deep into
music and motorcycles. I
love that red Gibson SG that
he's playing! Steve mentions
his first encounter with
Gary Blair (1971). Steve
went down on his
motorcycle in front of a
school bus back in 1969,
and out of the blue comes
Gary Blair to scrape him up.
Glad you made it back,