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Nostalgia City
And yes... there's more!
At the Sock Hop
From left to right, Anne Schmidt (1969),
Graham Capozio (1969) and Kathy
Garber Capozio
(1970) while they were
attending the Sock Hop in Boca on April
19th to benefit the Boca El gymnasium.
Aboard the
C.S.S. Hunley
Kathy recently went aboard the
cross-section of a touring
. There doesn't appear to be
much in the way of elbow room.
Definitely not for the squeamish!
Mother's Day 2002
Sue Hodges (class of 1968) seen here celebrating
Mother's Day (standing, to the left). Sue's mother
is sitting beside her, to the right. Her brother,
Clark, is sitting in front of her mother and her
Douglas is standing beside her.
John's Birthday
Helping John Von Stetten ('71) celebrate his
birthday are (
front row, left to right) Mary Jane
Acquilano Von Stetten
, Jane Fitzpatrick Antal,
Diane St. Jean King; (second row, left to
) Chuck Van Buskirk and Birthday Boy
John! The whole mob here belong to the class of
Mr. Matwiy
Diane St. Jean King (class of 1971), seen here
with former
J.C. Mitchell principal, Mr. Paul
during the recent Youth Government Day
luncheon with the
Rotary Club. "He has not
changed and still looks the same!" Diane says.
Here Comes the Judge
Judy Liberati Judge (class of 1969) recently
remarried on March 15, 2002.
Judy has two
Nick (23) and Lisa (21) and she's living
in Altamonte Springs, FL. No, it's not Judge Judy,
but Judy Judge
(sorry, I JUST had to say that!).
Lee "Macho" Bishop
(class of 1969)
Seen here riding the wild surf in
El Salvador (Macho en Casa) at his
home break this last May.
Lee is also the creator of some
dynamic, macho hot sauces ...
here to check it out!
The Chantones
Just prior to my arrival in Boca during the late summer of
1965, I belonged to a band up here in Maryland. We were an
instrumental group called the
Chantones and we played the
Bethesda-Chevy Chase area.
Here is a photo of that group, plus one (Eddie Becker - local
guitar legend). On this evening, July 15th in Falls Church, VA,
we were attending a benefit for my good friend, and first lead
Steve "Sparks" Hubert of the then Chantones.
Sadly, Steve's been stricken with ALS (Lou Gherig's disease)
and we were there to help raise money for his mounting
medical expenses. All of the local "hot" blues groups from the
D.C. area came to put on a show. One of Steve's followers,
some guy named
Nils Lofgren (of Bruce Springsteen's
band), couldn't make it because of Bruce's upcoming tour, but
he did autograph a Fender Stratocaster guitar to be auctioned
off. It was quite an evening.
Check out Steve's site at for some
background and a bio. Also, there are some links to give out
info on ALS and what one can do to help.
He's had quite a
The Chantones
Mark Rykken (drums) to the left, Steve
"Sparks" Hubert
(lead guitar) next to Mark and
myself (rhythm guitar) to the far right. Next to
me in the blue tropical shirt is
Eddie Becker,
local guitar legend in these parts!
The Pumpkin Sisters
Halloween 2002 unleashed the famous
Pumpkin Sisters. And they are none
other than
Barbara Chenoweth
('66) accompanied by
her BABY sister,
Kathy Chenoweth
('68). Now, I'd better duck
because Kathy will probably knock
me silly for posting this photo. But, ...
 I'm just doing my job, folks!
Bob & Jayne Lynch
Staying at the World Trade Center Marriott back in '01,
Bob Lynch (1969) is bonding with the bull! The next
photo is of his lovely chick
* (wife), Jayne, whilst they
were visiting her home town in Uttoxeter, England.

A quote from Bob: "Have been living in dementia (by the
beach in Jupiter, FL) for 3 years now, looking forward to
the slide to senility (a bit further up the coast). I'll see you
all again there!"
That kinda brings a tear to my eye!!!
*Bob's descriptor!