Photo Album
Before and after...
C'mon, don't be shy! Send us a current day photo and we'll post it along side of
your senior class picture! Just like a fine wine, we have all aged well. Wouldn't it
be fun to see the results of metamorphisis over a 30+ year period?
Just hit the
link below and we'll take it from there...
The photos will be posted in a random fashion... Pot Luck, so to speak!
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Nostalgia City
And now, on to the photos...
Susan Hodges - Class of 1968
Gary Garvin - Class of 1968
Steve Avery - Class of 1968
Kathy Chenoweth Huber - Class of 1968
with Mr. Phil Mallon (center)
Marja Mars Mandell
Class of 1968
Jill Kitchen Raffel with her husband, Mike
during the year of 1999
Class of 1969 -
Barbara Chenoweth Pendergrass
Class of 1966
with her baby sister, Kathy (left)!
Pamela Orton Mokritski
Class of 1966
with her friend Cricket
J. Richard Vranizan
Class of 1968
at the
Alps and in Germany while in the U.S. Army
during the early 1970s
Tremaine (The artist formerly known as
Samuel Orcutt) Class of 1971
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