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Boca Ratone, 1924 ...
Early Bocateer, Kurt Daubenspeck (would be class of 1969), pointed me into the right direction for finding
this old photo/postcard of
Boca Ratone in 1924. The town's a little different now, huh?

Note: For all of you former Boca El students, Kurt and his wife, Ruth,  have sent a terrific collection of
photos. It will take a little while, but I plan to do a special spread with the images ...
stay tuned!
Boca High Today
This is an aerial photograph of Boca Raton Community High School today. The image was
sent to us by
Ray Deckard (class of 1968) found it at The terrain has
changed just a bit, hasn't it?
The Pavilion
The Guys
This is a photograph taken during the summer of 1967. From right to left: Ken Lindsey, Robert
, Pete Manning, Steve Reynolds, Bobby Lanflesy, Dave Scanlon and Carl Schmidt.
Sent in by
Ray Deckard (class of 1968), he was wondering as to the whereabouts of everyone
shown in the photo. Unfortunately, Dave Scanlon is no longer with us, but
how about the others?
Surfer's Beach
Ray Deckard sent us the aerial photo of Surfer's Beach today (left), and a couple of vintage
"action" shots taken back during the 60's
(right, top and bottom). Good stuff, Ray! Anyone in the
surf  recognizable to anybody out there?
And In The
Our very own Sue Hodges (class of 1968) in Mrs. Shampay's class ... Sue is performing her
Eglish Lit., 11th grade public speaking presentation (right) as
Mrs. S. grades on!
Thanks again to Ray Deckard for the great photos.
...and what's this?
Our very own Kathy is
making it to class on time!
Well folks, it appears that Nostalgia City has grown to an almost unmanageable
size. Therefore, we will continue on with
Nostalgia City II. This Nostalgia City
section will remain intact, as you see it now ... just nothing further will be added.
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