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New Life Band
Bryce King (class of 1970) and Noreen Pumphrey King
(class of 1972)
had a coffeehouse group called the New
Life Band
. To the left, they're playing at an assembly at
Boca High just before Christmas, 1975.
Below, left and
, quite frequently, they played atop the Boca High
library (shown here in October, 1975). Noreen is singing at
the mike and Bryce is wearing the dark jacket.
Far below,
, sound man Steve Kayworth (class of 1970) on the
roof of the side entrance to the gym
. The NLB also played
at the
Koinonia Coffeehouse on N.W. 2nd Avenue.
Newlweds Noreen and
Bryce playing a gig at
Glades Park during the
bicentenial weekend in 1976.
Sound man
Steve is there
Left, Bryce, and
right, sound man
Looking Southeast ...
This is a view from my grandparents house on
312 E. Camino Real. YET to be developed
Palm Village
is on the other side of the fence.
grandfather (left) and father (right) are
poolside. The house was located about half way
between the intercoastal waterway and Federal
Highway. For those of you who remember, the
Drummond's house was right next door. It was
about the time that this photo was taken when the
Drummond's  tragedy occurred.
Gary the G
The Class of 1968
This is a picture of the graduating class of 1968. This photo was taken from a
supplement to the 1968 yearbook ... unfortunately, hardly any of us received them.
Steve Beard  (1968) was kind enough to lend the book to me. I plan to recreate it in
Adobe's PDF format so that all of our fellow alumni can at least see what they
missed. I will make an announcement when the PDF file is ready ... good things come
to those who wait!
Gary G.
The Beach
Class of 1968 seniors having fun at the
Left, dig the suit! Right, a little
Tom Foolery from some of our chums.
More photos like these to come from
the 1968 supplement.
The 1968 Senior Prom
The 1968 senior prom held at the Boca Raton Hotel and Club. Left, a few familiar faces,
right, a few more participants.