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Disco Daze
Let's get into Mr. Peabody's
"way back" machine...

1975: Leaving Little Tavern
in Wheaton, MD, with a
bag-o-burgers (
LT was just
Royal Castle). Please
note the
" and Dinty Moore beard.
Perhaps munchies may have
been involved here judging by
the sunglasses and the smile
on my face.

The Nat'l GarvOOn
Chuck Hill
(Class of 1969)
Chuck is seen here as a starting,
strapping, 160-lb., offensive and
defensive tackle for the mighty
team during the 1968 school
year. Talk about throwing everything
you have into it!
LOOK! He can fly!
Hollywood Connections
Bob Franklin
(Class of 1966)
Michael Keaton (left) and Rick Springfield (right) sure resemble Bob, don't you think?
Kathy Chenoweth Huber
(Class of 1968)
How could we pass up Kathy and Shirley Dimple... I mean Shirley Temple.
Notes from Vickie Hewey Stamport's 1968 Yearbook
Vickie Hewey Stamport (class of 1968) is sharing some of the notes from her yearbook
with us. They're from
(top Left) Russ McCall, (top right) Rick Vranizan, (lower left) Terry
Nagy, and
(lower right) Pat (Sandy) Madden. I see there is a common theme amongst the
writings ... perhaps we should dub her
The Wild One!
Thanks Vickie!
Well, don't that beat all!
No kidding! The Florida Scholastic Hockey League exists in
Boca High and Spanish River High are in the program.
Where were they when I was going to high school down there?
Touch the logo to the left and you will be propelled to their site.
You can track down
Boca High's standings.
Note: Many of you all know by now that I'm an avid hockey
player/freak, but I did coach in the
Maryland Scholastic Hockey League
for four years from 1994-1997 (
Hammond HS Bears). The FSHL lists us
in their directory along with
Georgia and Long Island. Small world, huh?
Boca Elemetary School - 1962
Jerry Ficek, class of 1970, sent in this rare treasure to share with all of you out there in Boca Land!
To the best of Jerry's knowledge:
First row, from camera, right to left - Dick Boogher (72), John Orton (?), Gary O. (?), Tim C. (?)
Second row, right to left - Maraleda Hardy, Edith (?), Derrick F. (?), Gene Simmons (?), David M. (?)
Third row, right to left - Teddy Olson (70), Ed Cormier (70), Eddie Mello (71), Debbie Carlo (70),
                                     Terry Zettlemoyer (70), Jerry Ficek (70)
Fourth row, right to left - Don Laury (70), Sharon (?), Becky W. (?), Jill Stacy (70), Susan Knight (70), Charles K. (?)
Fifth row, right to left - Robert Bergamini (70), Debbie Smith (70), John Sterling (70), Tom H. (?), Jack Parks
Sixth row, right to left - Judy Kammerman (70), April Wilkinson (70), Christy Becthley (?-70), Janet Hoddy (70),
                                   Cindy Thernell (70)
Seventh row, right to left - Don Harris (70), Jim C. (?), Paul Avery (70), Danny Oates (70), Tommy Keith (70)
This is Boca Elementary today. Diane
snapped this photo recently. She
Boca El was the oldest school in
Palm Beach County. The gym remains
because it has been named a
Construction of the new school
starts soon. Students will be placed in
other local schools until construction has
been completed.