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Fess Parker or John Wayne?
Who was the real Davy Crockett?
We don't have the answer here, but, the Alamo
was a big part of our lives when we were
growing up.
John Sparling sent us this cool link...
The AlamoCam!
Check it out... a MUST!
If any of you follow our Message Board
(link is on the home page)
, fellow classmate
Sue Hodges (class of 1968) is affectionately
known to us as
Aunt Bea, and more
recently, as
Miss Moneypenny. Sue is the
glue that binds us together at the Message
Board, just as Aunt Bea or Miss Moneypenny
Hollywood Connection
Sue and I moved to Boca from up here in
Bethesda-Chevy Chase area of
Maryland. I was recently near her FIRST
high school,
Walter Johnson in Bethesda,
and snapped a shot for her to perhaps bring
back a memory or two!
One big difference...
...and those yearbook notes!
While thumbing through some of my yearbooks, I began to read some of
the notes written by fellow classmates and faculty! I thought it would be
fun to share some of them with you.

I'll be adding more later on, but I'd sure like to post some notes written to
some of you... anything funny (within good taste), memorable...
whatever! Fire up the scanner and send them to me!
Top left: Who can forget the man that rescued our English
class in 1968?
Mr. Allee, of course!

Top right: A note from my buddy, Mike McClellan from
the 1966 yearbook. The reference to
Lums? Well, when it
first opened, and us needing nourishment,
Mike and
George Wentworth let me drive all the way north of
Delray Beach before they told me I'd already passed it in
North Boca. They never let me forget it.

Left: Jean Kolinski was so nice to me when I first moved
to Boca... I didn't know anyone and was experiencing the
"new kid on the block" syndrome. I've never forgotten her
Thank you Jean!
In her note,  I belive she is making reference to my nodding
powers in Ms. Hoffman's English class.
...well, there you have it. Those are some of my fond memories. How
about you? Share them with us.
More to come!
Today's Boca High Dress Code
I thought maybe that some of us "senior" folks would like to see how BRHS' dress codes have
evolved. Can anyone remember dress codes of day's gone by? No jeans, really short hair, girls
skirts had to be a certain length...
I could go on. I call on fellow alumni out there to refresh our
write us! In the mean time... get a haircut or it's off to Mr. Dario's office!
Boca Raton Community High School's revised dress codes
Spring, 2001
Female Students:
All shirts must have straps that go over the shoulder.
This means:
No backless shirts.
No tube tops.
No halter tops.
No see-through shirts.
No undergarments showing - this includes bra straps.
No bare midriffs.
Shorts and skirts must be of appropriate length.
Outfits must be appropriate exclusive of jacket or
Male Students:
Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist.
No boxers showing.
No tank tops.

All Students:
No shirts with offensive logos or shirts that
relate to alcohol, drugs, gangs, etc.
No head coverings.
This includes:
No hats.
No bandanas
No hoods.
No nylon head coverings.
No chains on pants.
No undergarments showing.

Electronic Devices
None visible or audible.
Times have