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Ms. Hoffman
A typical, warm classroom
setting in
Ms. Hoffman's class.
Ah yes... we see John Sparling
to the left...
judging from that
comic book he's reading, looks
like he's really into class!
Perhaps another victim of a
scintilating run-through of
Looky here...
I got me a WebCam!
Y'all are in trouble now!
However, a fitting tribute
for the inaugural post...
one of the last, remaining
Bobcat sweatshirts.
BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1970

That old thrill is gone; no more girls at
bank window
by Jim Rifenburg

As the long song says, "the thrill is gone."

I always liked going to the drive-in windows at the bank. Not just to
get rid of my money, but to hold hands with the cashiers.

Can't do it anymore.
They've put in those new windows and all kinds of pneumatic tubes and radio systems and you can't even get close to the
girls anymore.

There they are, about 40 feet away behind triple strength glass talking to you through a microphone. Even the voice sounds

And it just isn't the same to pull up to the window and say: "Hi, nice weather we're having," into a microphone.

I'm awfully sorry, Sue and Jane and Mary, I might just start putting my money in a sock again.

New windows were put in operation on Camino Real for the Boca Raton National Bank this week. Only those on the south
side are presently open. However, more are being built on the north side of the street.

All bright, gleaming glass and steel, there's little doubt they are much safer for employees of the bank. It's virtually
impossible to shove a gun under a pneumatic tube and say "Your money or your life."

It's probably a lot healthier for the girls, too. No more hot and cold winds blowing in their windows or customers coughing in
their faces and giving them the "bug".

But just wait. Some day, someone will drop about a thousand dollar bills into that tube and forget to use the little carriage
roll. They'll have bills blowing all over the place.

Then I'll have my revenge against the non-hand-holding machines.
The following is an article sent to us by Susan Hodges (class of 1968). Keith, Lynn and Jerry
father, Jim, wrote this article in 1970. Susan is the teller in the window. I wonder what
the author would have though of ATMs?
Saturday Mornings!
Remember watching Sky King on
Saturday mornings, brought to yo by
? And while you were munching on
Sky Bar, you were watching Fury,
The Lone Ranger and My Friend Flicka?
Vitamin Chocolate!
From the 1968 yearbook...
Class Officers
Seniors: From left to right, Martin
(Pres), Kathy
(V-Pres), Carol
(Sec) and Donna Noell
Juniors: From left to right, Sam
(V-Pres), Muffie Martin
Cathy Anderson (Treas) and
Keith Higgins (Pres)
Sophomores: From left to right, Tim
(Pres), Robert Bergamini
Kathy Manella (Treas)
Joe Ashe (Sec)
The future class of 1970!
(back in 1967)
This is a representation of some of the styles
worn during the "mod" era. The only things
missing are the "Dutch Boy" hats. Recognize
The guy in the paisley shirt is my baby brother (talking
to Mike Adams).