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King and Queen of the Bookworm Club at J. C. Mitchell School were David Peters,
7, the club's champion reader with 35 books to his credit this summer, and
Ruth Ann
, 7, who won the queen's crown for her championship attendance record. The
Bookworm Club
is made up of boys and girls who participated in the summer library
program, part of the
Summer Educational Enrichment Program of Palm Beach
County Schools.
These strolling accordion players invaded the
Winfield Park shopping area last week to
warm up for the
"Tots through Teens" talent
show. The show, sponsored by the Junior
Women's Club, will be held Friday at
Raton Elementary School
auditorium. The
musicians are
Raymond Deckard (left front)
John Strippoli . and Frances Downey
(left rear)
and Gail Gutzmer.
And from the
J.C. Mitchell
Yesterday and Today
A photo of BRHS in 1968 and BRCHS 2000. The picture at right is at a much different
perspective than that of the one on the left, thus, one must squint their eyes a bit. OR,
focus on the flagpole in the two photos since they are located in the same place, and
just mosey around a bit!
This photo displays the short-lived
"Mod" look
(winter of 1967). The
paisley pattern on the shirt is
somewhat subdued for the time
(bright colours and polka dots
were more the norm)
, but check
out that belt buckle! The only thing
missing is the John Sebastian -
Dutch boy painters cap.

Kind of a late, pre-Hendrix motif!
Mini Diplomas
The class of 1968 received
wallet-sized, "mini diplomas" tucked
neatly inside the cover of the real
diploma. All one had to do was to flip
the card over to see that it was
sponsored by Boca Raton Federal.
One of the country's first wildlife theme
parks, Boca's own
Africa USA was
featured in the August 1, 1960 edition of
Life magazine. For more information,
there's a nice article from the
Boca Raton
in our "...and in the News!" section.
You can see that by clicking

Thanks to David Agnew for turning me on to the
photo of the magazine cover.
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Youth Government Day is still alive and well. It's just
the faces are much younger. This year was the 40th
anniversary of Youth Government Day. It was started at
JC Mitchell School in 1961 by Principal Paul Matwiy. He
is still a member of the Rotary Club and was there at the
luncheon. For those of you who attended JC Mitchell and
remember Mr. Matwiy, he has not changed at all and
looks just the same. He is enjoying his retirement here in
Boca Raton.
Both Boca High and now Spanish River High School
share some 43 positions here at the city. They replace all
council and management positions and also many other
positions within the city. They start out with their mock
council meeting then visit and tour the department with
the person they are replacing for the rest of the morning.
They are then guest of the Rotary for luncheon.
Diane St. Jean King
                                                       Class of 1971