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Oh my GOD!
They killed Kenny!
C   O   M   I   N   G       S   O   O   N   !
Growing up with
What would it have been like if
Derek Smalls, David St. Hubbins and
Nigel Tufnel played our
Sock Hops... Teentown... pool parties?
Stay tuned Tap-heads!
More BRHS Track Team!
Photos from the Boca Raton News
In a meet against Seacrest in
John Sparling (68)
passes the baton to James
(67) who, in turn,
passed off to
Jim Hodoroski
(67) who finally passed it to
Mike Hart (68). They won
the event!
Terry Albury (70) hands the baton off to
John Sparling (68) during what was probably
an 880 relay. That track is now covered by
I-95, but the
BRHS track team never lost a
meet there!
Bryce King (70) hands the
baton off to
George Sparling (70)
in what was probably a mile relay.
George Sparling (70)
in a game against Okeechobee
in 1969.
Boca High won!
More Hollywood Connections!
Judy Clark (1970)
and Chrissie Hynde
of the Pretenders!
Bill Carmine (1969)
and Mr. Rooney
(Jeffrey Jones) of
Ferris Beuller's Day Off.
Joe Nisely (1969)
and Nightline's
Ted Koppel
Roger Shaul (1966)
and actor
William Devane
Jill Kitchen Raffel's husband Mike,
CW All Star Kenny Rogers?
Are you hiding something Jill?