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Carlisle Neithold,
(class of 1966),
Halloweening it
Cindy Stone,
(class of 1969),
Insuring the hood of
the Charger she's sitting
on won't fly off!
John Sparling,
(class of 1968),
Sports the BRHS
tee shirt back in
April of 1968.
Carlisle Neithold,
(class of 1966), and
George Sparling
(class of 1970)
clowning around!
John Sparling (class of 1968)
and Cindy Stone (class of 1969)
1.5 miles from the Boca inlet
after they caught a sailfish!
More Boca/WWII history!
Complete with B-17 bombers,
the tarmack at
now occupies this old airfield.
Airmen at BRAAF standing in formation for review.
The intersection of Palmetto and NW 2nd Avenue
in 1976. The concrete pad is the remains
of old quanset huts from the WWII era.
City Hall complex now lays across the field.
A patch from WWII of the
Lantana Civil Air Patrol.
Cindy Stone (class of 1969)
as a sophomore in 1966.
"Remember... the night has a
thousand eyes, and so do I!"
(Insider quote - hidden meaning stuff!)
Denise Hartzell (class of 1970)
this photo was taken in 1972. Denise returned,
later on, as a teacher at BRHS. She was one of the
chaperones for the 1976 senior prom at the
Boca Raton Hotel and Club.
Caroline "Cookie" Tylander
(foreground) and Amy Cutts
(background), both class of 1968,
seen here skiing in Lake Boca during
the summer of 1967. Amy lost a
piece of essential clothing this day,
only to be rescued by a tee shirt!
Note the inlet bridge and lack of
condos off in the distance.
An "after the 1967 prom" party.
Pictured: Janet Boldizar,
Cindy Frambach, Sharlene
, Mike Hart and Tom Guy(?)
all from the
class of 1968.
The 1967 State Track Team from BRHS
celebrating in Silver Springs after the meet.
In the photo: Zane Emerson, Steve Curry
Tony Orpesa
, Terry Heath, Mike Hart,
Rick Summers, Steve Breitenstein,
Jim Hodoroski, Jeff Wright and
Robert Ramsey.