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Bobby Bozzone
(class of 1967)
and the
WHO's drummer,
Keith Moon?
Edward Ronan
(class of 1971)
Could he be Bill Gates' brother?
This is a WWII photo of the Provost Marshall's office at
Boca Raton Army Airfield (now the Boca Raton Municipal Airport).
Bomber crews were trained here on a new tool called RADAR! So
sensitive was the topic that a court marshal was insured just for
mentioning the name
. The "Red-Eyed Pelican" insignia (above the door
and sign) was later revived by John Sparling,
class of 1968, in the
form of a patch during the 1980s for the local Civil Air Patrol unit.
So dedicated was John that he had the
BRAAF vanity tag shown below!
Photos sent in by John Sparling
During his earlier years,
John Sparling (class of 68),
seen here as a charter pilot
and flight instructor at the
municipal airport.
John's Adventure in Turkey
While stationed in Turkey (for two and a half years),
John Sparling was supporting Operation Northern Watch
which involved dropping ordnance on our good friend
Saddam in Iraq. Below are some mementos of the festive
...and if John is displaying his
license plate, I'm showing the
one that I'm proposing for my
home state of
Maryland with
a suggested slogan of
"The Me First State"
as a commentary on the
thoughtless commuters I
share the Capital Beltway with
every day.