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If you have ever owned a BRHS
, well, this is EXACTLY
what it looked like on the front.
I had recently dug up my old, tattered
sweatshirt, scanned it as carefully
as possible, and without any distortion,
cleaned it up and here it is!
A recent shot of Boca's South Beach, provided by
Tony Reimann (class of 1997) and also used on
the home page of the "sequel" site to ours,
under construction by
Michelle Peirce and
Kathie Halko.
I feel Tony should be made an "honorary" Early Years
 alumni because of his wealth of knowledge concerning
 Boca and because he has been such a wonderful help to
 the creators of this site. Tony has always been very
 active over at
A recent photo, again from Tony Reimann,
showing a view of A-1-A and Palmetto looking
West from the Pavilion.
...and the Present!
This was an ad taken out in the 1967 yearbook.
Just the thing for Boca's future...
trailer parks!
I guess the local architectural standards would
require trailers to be painted
pink and with a
stucco finish?!?! And I thought we had a lock
on the market here in
Laurel, Maryland!
Chesaning, Michigan  -  Boca Raton, Florida
Like many of you
out there, having
Mr. O'toole for
English, how can we
possibly pass up
this photo from a
talent show?
(1968 yearbook)
As shown in the
1968 yearbook,
the library
"before and after".
Left photo: The library
as it looked in 1964,
right is the same
facility in 1968.
S  P  A  C  E :    T  h  e    F  i  n  a  l    F  r  o  n  t  i  e  r  .  .  .
We've seen a lot... and we'll see much more!
1969 - The Moon
2001, Dave!
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