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The REAL Hollywood Connection!
David Forsyth (class of 1966) is really a STAR! He has credits
for appearances in the television soap operas
All my Children,
Another World, As the World Turns and Search for Tomorrow.
As well, Dave appeared in the television series Texas (1981-82)
and also in the movie Mad Dogs and Glory (1993). And most
, in an episode of HBO's Sex in the City (1998). He now
resides in the New York area and has taken up writing.

Source: The International Movie Database (
The Political
John Sparling (class of 1968) seen here left and
center, a possible stand-in for the
Republican Party's
Vice Presidential candidate,
Dick Cheney, at right?
Clips from the Boca Raton News (1964)
Boca Raton Jr. High Basketball
Winning the Southern Division of
the Atlantic Coast Conference
From left, front row: Rusty Martin, Bill Guy,
Gary Lambert, Tom Guy, Steve Keitzer,
Lee Bishop and Bob Drews.
Back Row:
Coach Harry Benson, Gary Dolphus, John
Oldfather, Terry Heath, Ron Barlow and
Bob Rice.
Tom Brownell was not pictured.
Boca Raton Swim Club
Made the AAU Finals
From left to right: Sue O'Brien, Janet Boldizar,
Cindy Frambach and Georgene Noble.
Bobcat Capers
Talent Show
Dave Forsyth and
Chuck Van Ness are seen
here rehearsing for the event.
Members of Girl Scout Troop 201, and
, during a hay ride.
Some pictured are: Carol Johnson, Doreen Mitchell,
Karen Coyle, Janet Boldizar, Marja Mars, Laurae
Sturm, Cheri Cole, Holly Barton, Karen Lorentzen,
and standing, Keith Higgins and Tom Fleming. For
the rest of 'em... you're on your own!
BRHS Elected city officials
for a day... the right to take
over City Hall!
Left to right: Kay Hardy, Carol
Strimbu, Dyonnia Coleman, Mike
Enders, Dennis Lalli, Phillip
Moore, Diane Borchardt, Sigrid
Noel and Kathy Martin.
present as Donna Ulack.
The Demise of the Keg!
The Mayor leading the charge to
demolish the Keg!
Ellen Wymbs Crouse (class of 1971), sent this image of
her father! The pennant reads
"Keg Killer".