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Rare photos of my elusive friend, former rhythm guitar
player for the
Things of Our Generation, and the same
guy who always got the girls
(making us envious!),
Mike McClellan, and myself during the spring of 1967.
Mike and I were "beachin' it"
(left) and I believe I was
stabbing him with my Shaefer, cartridge pen
(right) for
insulting my shoes, or something. Mike would have
graduated with the class of 1968 had he not moved.
Hope to hear from him!
                                                                 Gary G.
The commencement program
for the graduating
Class of 1968
that was held in the
Bibletown auditorium.
More Hollywood Connection
Mr. Charles Fields (counselor) and actor Russell Crowe
(The Gladiator, L.A. Confidential, Mystery Alaska).
Perhaps another victim of
scintillating review of
Paradise Lost?
Is this one of
Mr. Gilbert's science
gone wrong?
Chuck Hill (class of 1969)
seen here meditating during
a camping trip in 1968.
Keep watching this photo,
folks, Chuck may yet
before our very eyes!
Gary Lee carrying
Elaine Daily and being persued
Cindy Milholland, with
Mike Backes in the background.
(Class of 1971 senior picnic)
Gary Geertsma
(class of 1970)
at one of the
senior class picnics.
Spanish River Park
up by 40th street.
Ellen Wymbs Crouse
(class of 1971)
sporting the dress
worn when part of the
Mr. & Mrs.
Merry Xmas Court
Mindy Moore and
Ellen Wymbs Crouse
(both class of 1971)
at a slumber party in 1968.