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A certain LBJ visiting Boca
during the 1964/65 school year?
BRHS was always supportive of the
Student Exchange program!
A very beautiful
Homecoming Queen!
Class of 1969's Senior Picnic
The "Powder Puff" Cheerleaders
Tom Fleming, Marci Ronan
and Nick Crabb at a
Class of 1969 graduation party.
Denise Dugan and
Anne Schmidt at the
Class of 1969's
graduation ceremony.
no matter where
you're going,
there you are!"
Kathy Martin,
(class of 1967)
seen here next
to her surfboard
back in 1964!
Bathing Beauties from the
Class of 1966!
From left to right: , Carolyn Troll, Pam Mackey,
Linda Hewitt, Sheila Sheffield, Gene Selleck,
Barbara Chenoweth and Diane Jackson.
Photo was taken around 1963.
Slumber Party from the
Class of 1966!
From left to right: Pam Mackey, Holly Osborne,
Kathy Martin (67)  and Barabara Chenoweth.
Photo was taken around 1963.
Gordon Chase
(Class of 1968)
More Hollywood!
Catherine Buttery
(Class of 1971)
Sela Ward, the Sprint Lady