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During the 1968-69 year,
the preparation of the
Juniorette Homecoming Float
A nice treasure provided to us by
Lin Adams Hurley (1969)
Who is this mystery alumni?
This person was helping out
in a charitable event, a very
unselfish act indeed!
Who can forget Mr. Allee?
He came to the rescue
during and after the teachers
strike of 1968. Here he is seen
preparing to leave Ireland after
conducting a field trip (alumni
included) to the
University of
Exeter, England
, during the
summer of 1969.
Some "knowns"! Far left, Keith Higgins and Joan White (Miss Boca
Denise Castelli (standing on float, yellow dress), Jill Kitchen,
Barb Ewald and Lin Adams (last three on right, left to right). There
WILL be a pop quiz on this!
Mrs. Osborne and the Bobcat
Credit goes where credit deserved!
Ever wonder where the Bobcat in our banner came from?
Mrs. Natalie Osborne (bottom row - left), art teacher, is seen
painting the Bobcat on the gym floor
(upper left - basketball center
. Then, a photo of her work appeared in the 1967 BRHS
(upper right). At the onset of this site, the grayscale image
was scanned and the tinted with color
(middle right). Thanks to Mrs.
, we now get to enjoy her wonderful work of art in color.
The Flood of '65
When Hurricane Betsy (fall 1965) was still fresh in
our minds,
who could have forgotten the Flood of
taking place a month later? Causing us to
miss a few days of school because of lockers
underwater and the library taking a bath, the
aftermath can be seen here when school resumed.
Who can forget that aroma of mildew that was
present in the library for years to follow?
Zane Emerson
(class of 1967)
the recipient of  a
friendly strangulation!