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The "old" Boca inlet bridge... now we're going w-a-y back!
Thanks to Art Lang (class of '69) for this valuable photo!
...back when you were growing up?
There were no Power Rangers, no Barneys, etc.
We had Wally and the Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet,
Fury, My Friend Flicka, Heckle and Jeckle, the Lone
Ranger, Fess Parker,
the REAL Davy Crockett... the
list could go on!
Tom Nolan
(class of 1969),
halfback for the
BRHS Bobcats
varsity football team,

seen here mucking
through the
opposition in a game
during the the fall of
Gilmour Tuttle Lives!
Found playing hockey
recently at Piney Orchard Ice
Arena  near Annapolis, MD,
former BRHS varsity center
Gilmour Tuttle is seen here
posing for the camera. Asked
when he's going to hang up
his skates, Gil replied "They'll
have to peel me off the ice
with a putty knife before I
plan on quitting. Good day,